For all you readers…

So, I decided to make a list of books that I want…as I get them, I will cross them off the list. I might even add some…we’ll see. I’m also planning on starting a new page for book reviews. I’m not a professional book reviewer, but an avid reader. If I LOVE a book, I’m definitely going to tell the world about it.

Love Heist by Jackie D.- PURCHASED!!!!!!!!

A Moth To A Flame by Ashley Antoinette

The Mind & Soul of Tiffani Real by Tiffani Real

A Diamond in the Rough by Jacqueline McDuffie

The Dirty Divorce by Miss KP

Angelique Leveled Mind Confused Heart

Yolanda Gaston Seasons & Elements

Onyx and Eggshell by Wyatt Bryson- we’re fellow Winthrop alumni!!!!!! I’m buying this one next!

The Dopeman’s Wife by Jaquavis Coleman

After the Party by Harvis Mathis

Prince’s Donor by Sindee Lynn

When A Tattered Past Catches You by Tasha Wright

Black Diamond 2: Nicety by Brittani Williams

Livin’ Ain’t Easy by Peron F. Long

Memoirs of a Creole Crime Cartel by Red Snapper- EXCHANGED COPY OF DITR FOR THIS BOOK- YIPPEEE!

Get N’ Serious by Rory Sheriff

Get N’ Serious 2: My Addiction by Rory Sheriff

Perfectly Addicted by Chermean Taylor Gregory

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