The purpose of The Morning Talk is to discuss the issues, gossip, news, etc. that is being reported heavily in the blog world and in the news. The Morning Talk’s purpose is to not be the first to report the latest gossip, but to share with the public the main highlights of what people are talking about along with a few new items. 

All celebrity-related information, posted as a part of The Morning Talk, is just rumors, gossip, and pre-reported items in the media. Some of it is factual information, but for the most part, it is classified as entertainment. 

Photos posted on the blog, which are not owned by the author are cited. This may include candid photos, magazine covers, single/album covers, movie posters, professional photos, book covers, etc. If you do not wish to see your photo on the blog, please contact blaq_pearls@yahoo.com and your photo will be removed. 

There are also other articles that are posted from the Web on the blog, which were not written by the author. These articles are cited as well with the disclaimer, “This is straight from…”. Most of these articles are interviews or brief quotations from other media outlets.