Save The Date (12.25.2016): Diamonds N’ Roses

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Black Diamonds Blurb Blitz Tour Stop No. 8: BooksChatter

Happy Hump Day! Today Black Diamonds is featured at BooksChatter! Hopefully, you’ve had time to enter the giveaway. If not, go ahead and head over today’s tour stop and enter! You still have time! #RazzleDazzle goddessfishblackdiamondspromo

October 14: BooksChatter

Black Diamonds Blurb Blitz Tour Stop No.6: SolaFide Self-Publishing and Book Blog

So there was a small break, but now Black Diamonds is back and in action for tour stop number 6! Since 6 is my second favorite number (the first being 7), today’s discussion topic is, what are the six things every book needs to be great? Join the discussion by clicking the link below! #RazzleDazzle goddessfishblackdiamondspromo

October 12: SolaFide Self-Publishing and Book Blog

Black Diamonds Blurb Blitz Tour Stop #10: Please Pass the Books

This has been a great run, but all great things must soon come to an end. Today is the last day of the Black Diamonds Blurb Blitz Tour. I had fun engaging with everyone and I hope you got to learn a lot about me, Black Diamonds, and The Diamond Collection in general. Make sure to grab a copy of the book! #RazzleDazzle


October 16: Please Pass The Books