Black Diamonds: Blurb Blitz Tour Stop #3: Long and Short Reviews

Happy Hump Day! We’re mid-week through the first week of the tour. I would encourage everyone to read each blog post as you can get a different excerpt from the book. Also feel free to scroll down to the comments and join in on the discussions! #RazzleDazzle


October 7: Long and Short Reviews

Black Diamonds is Going on Tour!


Starting October 5, I will be starting a Virtual Book Tour, in support of my fourth novel, Black Diamonds. Stay tuned for updates regarding the tour including tour stops, contests, and exclusive excerpts of Part IV of The Diamond Collection

Check out a Peek at Black Diamonds…

blackdiamonds5 copy“So you want me to accept the fact that my daughter has been kidnapped?”

Carmen looked over at Kane and shook her head. “I don’t even want to accept that. I most definitely wouldn’t tell you, too. All I know is what I’ve told you already. I guess we’re going to have to wait and see what the detective says. He probably knows more since they’ve been running tests.” Carmen bit her lip out of fear only because she knew she was withholding information from Kane. She was wrong in not telling him that Kristian’s kidnapping was a result of the beef between Jay and Blu, but she knew if she did, Kane would demand they return to Malik’s house. He would shoot Jay dead, Carmen thought. Humph, like I don’t want to do the same. The only thing stopping me is the fact that I’m in love with him.

“Kristian never mentioned anything to me about having a problem with someone. She didn’t say…” Kane paused as he made a right turn, starting to remember a conversation he shared with his daughter. Shortly after Carmen announced she wanted to separate, he had come home to remove his items from their bedroom. Kristian had tried to talk to him about someone who was bothering her, but he had pushed her away. Now, she was gone and the only thing he had left was her cell phone and purse, which were miles away in Georgia.

Behind the Book: The Ace of Diamonds (Chapter Fourteen)

btbaceofdiam copyChapter Fourteen
1. “I know, Princess, I know,” he told her, pulling off her skirt and onesie. – For some reason, I feel like all fathers are supposed to have a nickname for their daughters. My father’s nickname for me was Hard Rock, Carmen’s nickname is Peaches so it seemed only natural for Jay to call Nyla, Princess, since his eldest son is already nicknamed King.
2. Jay let out a deep growl, realizing that he had never slipped like he was.- Here we are again, another hint at this Leo thing (refer to Behind the Book: The Ace of Diamonds: Chapter Eleven). In this scene, Jay is growling because he has learned that Blu is trying to take over his cartel and Kane is gathering way too much evidence against him.
3. “We have a snake in the grass,” he finally responded. – I inserted this line, spoken by Malik, on purpose. One of my favorite songs by Waka Flocka Flame is “Snakes in the Grass,” and it seemed to fit perfectly into this scene. Malik says this during a cartel meeting (which ended in a bloodbath) to explain how the Brookstone PD were able to plant cameras in the basement of Continental where Jay was housing his drugs.
4. “You broke my heart.” – I don’t think I’ve watched a single Godfather movie, but for some reason, I knew this line. This line was originally spoken by Michael Corleone, a fictional character portrayed by Al Pacino in The Godfather II. Since Jay has been betrayed by Costa by allowing Blu to control the cartel, he expresses his hurt by saying this famous quote.

Behind the Book: The Ace of Diamonds (Chapter Twelve)

btbaceofdiam copyChapter Twelve

  1. “Did you really come all the way here to bring Nyla?” – Jay asks Carmen this question after she brings Nyla to Puerto Rico for a visit. One of my readers told me she wanted Carmen to sleep with Jay in this scene, which I did think about; however, I felt like Carmen had done enough dirt. It was time for her to finally say no and not be vulnerable whenever Jay pressured her into being frisky, lol.
  2. Kane believed that their time was wasted until Jarrod pulled up driving an exterminator’s van. – So I was trying to find a clever way for Jay to sell his drugs aside from the stereotypical stuff (selling on corners, etc.). A guy friend suggested that Jay have a taxi cab service, which was a great idea, but I settled on an extermination business (Jay doesn’t really have this, it’s just a front).
  3. “First thing first, Seventeen wants to do a feature on Kristian. They faxed over this letter to our publicist.” – I had a subscription to Seventeen growing up so if Kristian was going to be on the cover of any teen magazine, Seventeen was going to be it.