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As the leading ladies associated with two of hip-hop’s reigning superstars, Tiny and Toya are determined to leave a legacy beyond their celebrated bloodline. Already established as a veteran of the R&B scene, Tameka “Tiny” Cottle does much more than support fiance T.I. She’s a budding entrepreneur with a big house, a big family and even bigger dreams. 

And while Antonia “Toya” Carter may not be with ex-husband Lil’ Wayne, she’s making strides with a succession plan that includes non-profit charity work with a side of new boo-lovin’. On the eve of their reality show’s second season with BET (airing April 13th), Honey gets behind the rumors to uncover how the ladies deal with lockdown love, dating and relationships, and what’s in store for season 2 of “Tiny & Toya” 

On Love and Relationships… 

Honey: What’s your philosophy on love and dating?
One thing I always say for a relationship is that however you start is how you should finish. I hate for a man to start a relationship and things seem so nice and then it gets old and he stops doing all those things. If those are the things that made me fall in love with him, then he needs to do those things periodically in the relationship or the relationship will go stale. I think that really helps you feel wanted when it’s old.
Toya: Just take your time in a relationship. 

How soon is too soon to get intimate with a guy?
Toya: When you first meet him like in the first 8 months. I think that’s too soon. Some of them just want to talk to you because of who you know, who you are, what you’re doing so you have to test them out. I want to know if you like me or who I am associated with. You have to feel them out. 

Do you go after a guy or do you wait for him to come to you?
Tiny: No, I never go after anybody; it’s just the woman in me. I feel like a woman should be a woman. I’m not saying that you shouldn’t. I’ve just never been the one to look desperate or look thirsty you know? If a man is into you, and you’re into him, you can do little things, little signs. You look hard enough and if you don’t get any response than that’s not for you. But I’m not gonna be like, ‘Oh hey! Hi, how you doing?’ No, that wouldn’t be cool. I will be the one sitting and waiting on you. 

Toya: I never really went after a guy. Not that its bad; if you like someone there’s nothing wrong with letting them know you like them. But I never really had to go at a guy or approach a guy like, ‘Oh I’m going to get you.’ Guys have just always spoken to me. 

Bad guy or good guy? Who are you more attracted to and why?
Tiny: Honestly I’ve always been into the bad boy – I can’t lie. Something about the bad boy just attracts me, just gets my attention you know? There are some good guys that I can think of now that can be sexy, now that I’m older. But when I was younger, it would always be the bad boy. 

Toya: I don’t like a softy softy but I don’t like a thug either. The reason why is because I don’t need any thugs around me. I have a daughter. I need someone who is well-established, not into a lot of BS, and very family-oriented. Someone that is cool and not on no dumb stuff. You can’t just bring everybody around your kids. I’m dating. I need someone I can bring home to my daughter. Not just anybody can come around her. 

So you’re dating Toya? Who are you dating right now?
Toya: I am dating. I’m not going to say who I’m dating, though… 

For the single mothers out there, what kind of qualities do you think they should be looking for in a man?
Toya: Somebody who is honest and loyal. Someone that treats them like a queen. They still have good men out here that are respectful. Also, if they do have kids, they should be willing to accept you guys as a package deal and not take the mother without the kids. 

Toya, what have you’ve learned from your relationship with Lil’ Wayne?
Toya: I learned a lot. I watched Wayne go into different phases. Each phase I learned something new. As far as his love for women; he’s not really a one woman man. I had to deal with that. I am kind of happy because he made me stronger. No BS. I learned a lot from being Lil’ Wayne’s wife. As long as I’ve held grudges I’ve learned to let it go.

Lil’ Wayne is incarcerated right now. What are your thoughts on that? How are you feeling?

Toya: No one wants to see anyone in jail, especially their kids’ father and husband. Wayne and I have a great relationship. That’s just not anywhere that I want to see him. He’s never not been accessible. As long as we’ve been talking or dating I’ve never not been able to pick up the phone and call him no matter what is going on in my life. Now he’s locked up and it’s not like that anymore. As far as my daughter, her and her father have a great relationship. She talks to him every day after school. She can still talk to him but now it’s on a schedule with calls. It’s going to be a change for these 8 months. 

Did you call on Tiny to help you deal with your feelings? She went through the same thing with T.I.
Toya: Tiny has been very supportive. From watching her situation with Tip and with me being there for her, she just talked to me telling me to write him, go visit him, help him get through this. That’s what they need; letters and pictures and visits to help them make the time go by faster. That makes it easier on the baby, everybody. I had my daughter write her first letter yesterday. 

How is Reginae dealing with the whole situation?
Toya: She’s saddened by the whole situation but we talk to her about it. Her dad talks to her. When he was going back and forth to court, we were all there: me, his other baby mamas, and the kids. Just being there for him, supporting him. This last time we didn’t go because it was so back and forth. We’d get there and he doesn’t go to jail. So this last time I didn’t let my daughter go because she was just up and down. It was like an emotional roller coaster for her. She was like, ‘I just wish I could have seen my dad.’ 

Tiny, now that T.I. is out of jail, how has life changed for you?
Tiny: In the daytime he’s working a lot in the studio, and most of my time is spent staying where he is and then we come home together. 

Did you guys have a homecoming celebration when he got out?
Tiny: Not yet but we are planning it. 

Any plans for marriage in the future?
Tiny: Yep! We do… it’s planned. 

On Tiny & Toya Season 2… 

Did you guys finish shooting Season 2 of “Tiny & Toya” yet?
Toya: We finished shooting the show like two weeks ago and it comes out on April 13th. 

How was shooting the second season?
Toya: This second season is going to be really really good. There are a lot of great moments. You’ll see a lot more growth in the both of us. We do more things with our families, together as friends, spending time with our kids. Career-wise, we are getting all the things we sought out last season. We are finally making some things happen. 

Tiny: The second season was great, but it was a little more difficult than the first season — I don’t know why. It turned out to be a phenomenal taping. I think we got great stories. Some of the things we shot are going to be shown are amazing. There are a lot of things going on in Toya’s family, a lot of things I’m doing with my OMG Girlz, with the new Tiny’s Nail Bar, the family — it’s gonna be really good. I’m very proud of it, I must say. 

What was your favorite part of filming the second season?
Toya: My favorite part? There were a lot of parts. I just don’t want to pick one. 

Tiny: The best part was all the great things that they got a chance to see, all the great moments that they captured. 

Was there anything negative about the season, things that you didn’t like?
Toya: Not at all 

Goals & Advice 

What are some of your future goals ?
Toya: In the near future I am working with my company; a non-profit organization for under privileged kids. I just want to get that up and off the ground where I do different cities, mentor kids and I’m like a big sister to them. We do community events and things like that. And in the future I really want to do a clothing line. 

Tiny: In the future I’m trying to work on getting the OMG Girlz album out and trying to get them a show. I have an idea for a show, maybe a cartoon. Also, working on a movie that me and Tisha gave them, that’s my partner. We have the Major P productions and we are trying to expand with a production company and also this movie that we wrote. We have a lot of things going on. So these are things that we are building on, expanding this summer. And also I want to do a perfume line, a his and hers, for me and my king. 

Any other tips for our Honey girls to know?
Toya: Stay positive and never give up on your dreams. 

Tiny: Well, first of all find a man that is more into you than you are into him. That can really make a relationship go. To me when men are not interested and women are really, really into a man it makes that man want to work less hard and also it can take her through a lot of turmoil in her next relationship. As far as things you want to do; never give up on your dreams. If you got big dreams to go far you gotta keep them. Never let anybody tell you what you can’t do. If you feel it in your heart and you’re very strong about it, you have to go hard at it. That’s the only way to be successful at anything. You gotta go full speed. 

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