just so you know…

  • word on popcrunch.com is that Jay-Z will be joining Betty White on Saturday Night Live (SNL) on May 8. speaking of Jay-Z, it is being reported that he has issued out a $5 million dollar lawsuit against footballer David Ortiz for using the name 40/40 Club for his new establishment (club) in the Dominican Republic…dang Jigga, is it that serious?
  • Lolavie is the new fragrance from Jennifer Aniston that is set to be released this summer. speaking of fragrances, there’s talk that Bruce Willis has a fragrance that should be hitting stores on July 1st.
  • i don’t know whether to take this news seriously or not, but word is that Russell Brand has handpicked kanYe West to plan his bachelor party (Brand is set to marry singer Katy Perry)…this is on popcrunch.com. however there is a quote from kanYe from More Magazine which says:

“I think we’ll start in New York at Jay-Z’s club for a night or two,” Kanye, 32, tells More Magazine. “Then take Jay’s private jet over to Vegas. We’re inviting Simon Cowell, so we’re going to have a choice of private jets!” 

  • Dances With Wolves is set to become a Broadway musical.
  • there is talk that Lindsay Lohan is set to star in a film about porn star Linda Lovelace.
  •  singer Melissa Etheridge and her wife Tammy have split according to popcrunch.com.
  • Robin Antin, the founder of the Pussycat Dolls, is releasing a workout DVD which is based off of the group’s dance moves. this should be cool, not saying I’m going to buy it, but COOL.
  • Mariah Carey was joined by her husband Nick Cannon as she accepted the James Brown Cultural Excellence Award at the 12th Annual Keepers of the Dream Awards in NYC. Congrats!
  • Quincy Jones is releasing a new remix album entitled Q: Soul Bossa Nosta. The first single is Strawberry Letter 23 which features Akon. you can see the video
  • although this is a Goodie Goodies, check out Kelis’ new album cover for Fleshtones:

    • I guess because it was reported that people felt that the world needed to know that the Obamas made 5.5 million in 2009.
    • there is talk that Diddy is the new manager for Nicki Minaj and Rick Ross. get it, Mr. Deep Pockets! speaking of Rick Ross, he was ordered to pay DJ Vlad of vladtv.com a reported 300,000 for beating him up. i must have missed this fight!
    • drewreports.com is reporting that T.I.’s new album will be called King Uncaged and will be released on Tuesday, August 24th
    • Snoop Dogg is being reported as one of the headliners for the Glastonbury Festival. other reported acts are U2, Muse, and Stevie Wonder.
    • Lil’ Kim has a new single that is leaking all over the net entitled P***y Purr. i so thought that female rappers were getting away from the sexually charged lyrics, maybe I was wrong. *sighs*
    • this is another Goodie Goodies, but check out Kristen Stewart on the cover of Flaunt Magazine:



    • Eminem’s new album is being reported as being named Recovery and will be released on June 22
    • so  mediatakeout.com is claiming to have some NSFW pictures of Que from Day26. of course, i’ve scoped out the pictures, but if you ask me, it looks like Que, but after reviewing another photo of him and his tattoos, its either a lookalike or he got a new tattoo on his chest. you be the judge!
    • Lil’ Romeo, Master P’s son is working on a new dating reality show to find his Juliet.
    • so i’ve heard/read that Shaquille O’ Neal is threatening to file a lawsuit against the show Basketball Wives if his ex-wife Shaunie says his name on the show. if you ask me, if the show is centered on basketball wives than I would think she would say something about him. otherwise, why is she on the show?
    •  Keri Hilson is the new face of AVON’s Imari fragrance. originally, Jennifer Hudson at the title. check out a promo pik:



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