Deepa Shah shares powerful words on is one of my favorite websites to read. I read it on a daily basis at least twice a day. One of the headlines today was in regards to a blog by GG staff member, Deepha Shah. Check out this quote from the blog from

As Americans slowly moves towards becoming a completely blended society, one day we will not be defined by a single race or a single color. Sure, genetics will probably still allow for a spectrum of skin tones, but with interracial marriages and breeding and a mixing of cultures, America will reflect a true melting pot.

I so agree with Deepa that one day the world will be like this and I am SO ready for it happen. No, I’m not saying that I’m not proud to be Black, African-America, or NEGRO according the 2010 US Census, but let’s be for real, if we are looking at our genetic makeup, or we all JUST 1 race? No. To be honest, I have Cherokee Indian heritage, which proves it right there. My uncles and aunt on both of my parents’ sides are different complexions. However, I have always described myself as being mixed, I am “Black and Chocolate,” LOL.

BTW, Kelis has nothing to do with the blog except that she represents the “melting pot.” She’s Black, Puerto Rican, and Chinese.

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