Friends + Sista Gals + Barbies


Okay, so I saw this picture on which was taken at Kourtney Kardashian’s 31st bday get-together and I must say that this is not the first picture of the “Dash” sisters with Lauren London and Malika Haqq (also pictured is Brittny Gastineau). A shot was taken of them at Diddy and Ashton Kutcher’s all white party awhile back (Cassie was in the photo, too), which I thought was super cute. It made me think, HEY, these girls must really be FRIENDS!!!! 

The picture made me think of friends and how important it is to have a good support system around you. However, I think that we as people are so quick to give the person the title of “friend,” without really thinking of the meaning of the word. 

For example, one of my guy friends once asked me why I was friends with a certain person, her name is Anonymous *giggles*. My response, “Well, we’ve always been friends.” 

Is that a good reply? 

If you ask me, I say no. If you can’t give specific details about why you allow a person in your inner circle than maybe you should think about the role that the person is really serving in your life. Okay, okay, let me go back. Just because you can’t give a good reason as to why a person is in your circle, it doesn’t mean that the person shouldn’t be, but maybe YOU need to remember the reason you ALLOWED them in your CIRCLE to begin with. What qualities did they have that made you want to share your innermost thoughts and feelings *i know, i’m getting cheesy*  

So, maybe today’s exercise needs to be writing a list of the people that we feel are our TRUE friends and then examining the individuals that we REALIZED that we didn’t put on the list. Why didn’t they make the cut?

2 thoughts on “Friends + Sista Gals + Barbies

  1. Lauren and Malika (Khloe’s BFF) were bridesmaids in Khloe’s wedding… I’m thinking they are indeed true friends.

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