just so you know…

  • Gabbie Sidbe will be co-hosting on The View on May 4th. Mike Tyson will be on the show on May 7th.
  • Afeni Shakur, the mother of Tupac is being reported as having been arrested for marijuana posession in NC earlier this month
  • Let’s remember to keep T-Pain’s father in our prayers who is reported as being in a coma after suffering a heart attack.
  • Listen to this new track by Trina featuring Rick Ross and Lil’ Wayne, “Currency.” The beat reminds me of the opening of Beyonce’s “Camera Phone,” video. What cha think? The song is HOT!


  • Check out Rasheeda’s new video, “Bedrock (Remix)” featuring Toya, Diamond, Kandi, and Lola Monroe. Um, I’m not really feeling Angel’s glasses, but oh well….Toya is FLOWIN’ on this TRACK- get it!..here’s the video:


  • Check out these goodie goodies…album/single covers:




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