just so you know…

  • Trina is coming out with her cosmetics line called Be Amazin: Inspired by Trina.
  • Here’s a goodie goodie…its Courtney Love:

  • I thought this was over…it’s not…Scream 4 is in the works and here’s the proof:



  • Rihanna is coming out with a remix album for Rated R. The songs are remixed by Chew Fu and is expected to be released on May 25th. Here’s the album cover:

  • Remember Natina from the trio Blaque. The group had a song called “808” and were also in the movie Bring It On! with Kirsten Dunst and Gabrielle Union. Well, it looks like she has headed down the same road as Maia Campbell. Natina was the rapper of the group (and wrote majority of the group’s songs) and was recently arrested for prostitution, disorderly conduct, and cocaine possession. UPDATE: this is straight from bossip.com, and is being reported as having come from Natina’s management:

Her lawyer is in the process of dealing with the person that has placed this false info in the media using photos that were altered using Photoshop. We do now know whom is responsible for this and we are now pursuing legal action! This is the same person that hacked in and deleted her first twitter page @iamnatina in which she had to create her new page @therealnatina! All of this came to surface because she had exposed an artist that was claiming to have a record deal with Jive Records but in actuality did not. This person “name left out for legal reasons” used her name as leeway to get advance services using her name. Natina has currently landed a new movie role and is also working on her solo album in New York starting next Month. The photo is not a Gwinnett county jail booking photo. Nothing can be pulled up online on the Gwinnett County Courts web site of any charges at, http://www.gwinnettcourts.com nor the Gwinnett County Jail web site which is http://www.gwinnettcountysheriff.com.  

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