Check out what I’m reading…The First Person by Peron Long

To be honest, I have actually finished reading this book, but because I do not have the time as of yet to write a review then I figured I would share the synopsis of the book with you. Check it out…

this is straight from

Mega-successful gospel artist T’Shobi Wells sings from the soul, but none of his fans—or anyone else for that matter—knows about his dark, shameful secrets. Rising up from molestation and abuse from his adoptive mother, as well as from the older boys in juvenile detention, he decides to leave the business before the ugly truth seeps out. But he takes his struggling morality with him when he tries to start over in Charlotte, North Carolina; and it isn’t long before he’s sleeping with the First Lady of his new church…and her husband, the pastor. A strained union—Justine’s been faking her marriage for thirty years, and Seth’s been on the down low for as long. But what will be the outcome when all the secrets and lies are finally revealed?

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