What were your goals in 2009?

Directly by my front door is a list of goals that I set forth for myself in 2009. Yes, yes, I know we are in 2010, but do you remember the goals that you had in 2009? I’m not talking New Year’s resolutions either….Here’s my list and let’s see how many I’ve done:

  1. Pray without ceasing
  2. Become more FEARLESS
  3. Finish poetry/songbook
  4. Donate $ to charity
  5. Get novels copyrighted (well, i got ONE, lol)
  6. get in shape
  7. start personal website with domain name
  8. read more inspirational books
  9. be more HONEST and REAL
  10. have more ME time
  11. Learn & Listen
  12. go on a REAL vacation
  13. be proactive not reactive
  14. take CHANCES

UGH, only 3? i got a long way to go to 2011………….

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