just so you know…

  • there is a rumor flying around that Alicia Keys is pregnant by her boyfriend, Swizz Beatz. I am not saying this is true or false, but I’m simply saying that the rumor is out there. on to next one, check out Alicia Keys’ new video, “Unthinkable (I’m Ready),” which was written by Drake:


  • Mick Jagger will be on Larry King Live on May 18th
  • Check out a goodie goodie:



  • Check out iQ’s new video (btw, iQ stands for International Quincy–yes this is Quincy, the son of Al B Sure and Kim Porter:


  • Supermodel Noemie Lenoir is being reported to having tried to commit suicide by taking a mix of alcohol and sleeping pills. I saw this on sandrarose.com.
  • check out Ke$ha’s new video, “Your Love is myDrug”:




  • there’s talk of Jay-Z and Eminem teaming up for a concert at Yankee Stadium on September 13th
  • Christina Ricci will be starring in a Broadway play called Time Stands Still
  • Gucci Mane is now free from jail! Yippee!
  • Check out Dirty Money’s new video “Hello Good Morning” which features Rick Ross and T.I.


  • check out the cover of Tyra Banks’ new book:



  • Kirsten Dunst and Kristen Stewart will be starring in a movie called On The Road
  • Dondria’s album has been pushed back to August 3rd.
  • word is that Kid Cudi’s new album will feature a Jim Jonsin-produced track that has a Duran Duran sample AS WELL as a guest appearance by kanYe
  • Per Rudy Currence’s Facebook status, he is currently filming a BET special entitled “Music Matters.” It is a new artist spotlight.
  • here’s a YouTube video of Johnta Austin’s new song, “Close Your Eyes”

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