Lawrence Taylor….SMH

Okay, so I intentionally did not post anything regarding this story until further details were revealed. After watching his 3rd wife’s (Lynette) interview with The Insider, I figured it was time to head to the blog. Okay, so the deal is this, according to the complaint that was filed, Lawrence admitted to paying a 16 year old girl, $300 dollars for sexual acts. However, it also states that the girl told him she was 19. I honestly believe that a 16 year girl can look like a 25 year old woman these days so its no shock to me that he didn’t ask her for ID.

Now, as far as him being charged with statutory rape, he only got that charge because of her age. However, at the age of 16, I honestly believe that this girl is old enough to know the difference between right and wrong. She’s also old enough to make her own choices. Now, I don’t know what her mental state is so there is a chance that she wasn’t able to fully consent if she’s schizophrenic (not trying to be funny, but this could be the case). Or, it may very well be that everything was consensual and she was a prostitute merely making her dollars. Since she “got it in” with a celeb then it is of no surprise to me that she went running her jaws (I don’t  mean this in the NC-17 sense– my books may be R-rated, but I’m trying to keep the blog clean)

However, after watching the interview with The Insider and Lynette, I think his wife is in denial. She doesn’t believe that her husband actually had sex with the “victim.” HUH???? Even after he told people that he engaged in sexual acts and paid her $300? What was he paying $300 for if he ain’t getting nothing out the deal???

WELL, after doing a search on the latest news regarding the incident, there’s a story on about how a friend of the “victim” has now told investigators that the girl was lying about the whole thing. read this excerpt straight from the article…

SUFFERN, N.Y. (WPIX) – The 16-year-old prostitute, who claimed to have sex with ex-Giant Lawrence Taylor, has reportedly told a friend that the encounter was “easy money” because she “didn’t even have to f— him.”

According to investigators, the friend, who drove the teenage prostitute to meet Taylor late at night on Wednesday, May 5, told police that “they didn’t have sex, she’s lying and he’s innocent.”

well, i’ll be…that snippet of the article was posted today and written by Shelley NG on the news site. however, yesterday, there was a different story posted on In this story, Taylor is reported as saying that he never touched the girl, but touched himself (okay, this goes with the report that gave)…then the victim is reported as saying that she definitely had sex with him (okay, someone obviously doesn’t know what went on)…geez…which story is the truth? i guess we’ll have to see how this pans out in court.

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