A little bit of HONESTY…

i am so behind on so many tasks that if I blog today…it won’t be posted until late tonight! I’m off for 3 days straight and have tons to do! I am praying hard that I can finish The Ace of Diamonds…keep your fingers crossed for me! Of course, I still have to edit the book once its done, but if I can actually finish writing it…I will be happy! I got 7 chapters to go!

Razzle~ Dazzle

2 thoughts on “A little bit of HONESTY…

  1. Yeppers, I outline my novels. I generally come up with the climax first and then I add things that will build up to the climax (a lot of cause and effect stuff)–since it is a series that plays out like a “soap opera,” i have to make sure that I keep a lot of things straight like births, deaths, prison terms, etc.

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