just so you know…

  • word on popcrunch.com is that Bristol Palin is on her way to becoming a motivational speaker and is charging between 15,000 and 30,000 stacks for each appearance.
  • Monica has stated on her Facebook status that her next single will be “Love All Over Me.”
  • Bret Michaels is getting a new show on Vh1 called Life As I Know It
  • is he serious? I read that Travis McCoy is set on releasing a mixtape entitled Forgetting Katy Perry–that’s in reference to his ex-girlfriend who is currently with Russell Brand…DAYUMMS! btw, Katy Perry is slated to perform at the MTV Movie Awards
  • So Mary J Blige is doing it up! She just came out with a fragrance, but now she’s coming out with sunglasses. Yep, Melodies by MJB.
  • Check out Diddy making his first appearance on the cover of XXL:



  • It looks like kanYe’s Good A** Job is going to drop in September.
  • Demi Moore is working on a tell-all memoir
  • So Taylor Lautner is now a comic book character…check it out:


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