You Need to Watch This: Ahshe

Check out this new web-based soap opera! Here’s more on Ahshe, straight from the official website (

Ahshe means “And so it is” which is the mission of the internet’s hottest new Black Soap Opera! Ahshe is the story of a family and all of their friends and enemys dealing with everyday issues facing Black people. It will delve into issues of race, identity, spirituality, relationships and consciousness to help tell the story of Black people. Too often negative images are portrayed in the media that never show the well rounded experiences of all people. We love, we create and we feel.

Ahshe will show real people having real trials and triumphs so you can see yourself in a character and be a part of a community. Feel free to contact us with issues you think need to be addressed and you just might find it will become a part of what we do.

Ahshe is new thinking of old thoughts. Become a part of our family.


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