just so you know…

  • So apparently, Jae Millz of Young Money thought his girlfriend was cheating on him with Trey Songz so he went in on her. However, that wasn’t what he got arrested for. To be honest, they were just arguing, but the argument got so bad that she called the police. When the police arrived, they found weed on Jae Millz and arrested him. This is the story that is being reported on Global Grind. Shoot, I’m waiting for Trey to respond?
  • I just saw a story where a man stabbed his wife 250 times before eating her lungs and drinking her blood in front of their 4 year old daughter. This story has me speechless. Not only is gruesome and disgusting…you know what, I can’t even finish my sentence. On to the next one…
  • Behind the Music is coming back on VH1 and DMX will be the first feature. His episode is set to premiere on June 7th @ 8pm. Believe it or not, but I turned off my cable (I never watch TV- what’s the point when there is the web) so I can’t see it until its uploaded on the Net. Swizz Beatz, Lyor Cohen and Irv Gotti are supposed to be featured in the episode.
  • Kelly Rowland has just inked a deal with Universal Motown. I hope she gets all the success she deserves!

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