I’m Going In: Kelis + Nas…

Let me state this first. I am a fan of Kelis. Don’t get it twisted. Please don’t…but I have to say that I am honestly shocked and appalled at how much money she is receiving. HONESTLY. If you want the exact figures, please visit tmz.com or necoleb****ie.com.

As of right now, Nas owes Kelis almost 90,000 bucks in back child support and back spousal support. Then he has to pay her 10,0o0 a month in spousal support because he still owes her almost 300,000 bucks. WHAT?

Oh, not to mention, he has to pay her legal fees which is over 155,000 bucks.

Come on, now, this is ridiculous.

Wait, there’s more…he has to shelve out almost 50,000 in accounting expenses for her.

I mean, dang, what did Nas do during the marriage? Did he beat her? Did he cheat on her? We discussed this last night at work and one of my co-workers said that Kelis has to maintain her lifestyle which is why she’s getting so much money. First of all, Kelis has her own career. Yes, she may not be able to work as much because she has a child, but dang, how much $ do you need? I love Kelis, but I sympathize with Nas.

Yes, Nas needs to support his child, but how much money is Carmen getting for the daughter she shares with him?

A lot of women feel that Kelis deserves every penny, but for what reason? Yes, I’m a firm believer that she should get child support and maybe some spousal support, but DAYUUMS..

Btw, I read an article on nydailynews.com that reported that Nas was unable to make these payments because he owns 700,000 bucks to his manager and MILLIONS to the IRS. Ouch!~

You do the math. I’m through looking at the numbers.

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