goes in…Dead Weight?

Okay, so this article on is about R&B/hip-hop groups and how there is always that one member who is weaker than the rest…Here’s a list of the groups as well as the person who considered to be “dead weight” or the “weakest link.” I’m not saying I agree, but this is what was said on!~


Xscape….the weakest link? Tiny

Boyz II Men…the weakest link? Michael “Bass” McCary

Jodeci…the weakest link? Mr. Dalvin

Wu Tang Clan…the weakest link? U God

702…the weakest link? Irish

3LW…the weakest link? Kiely

B2K…the weakest link? ahh, they are wrong on this one! everyone but Omarion (J.Boog, Fizz, and Raz B)

Pretty Ricky…the weakest link? same with B2k…everyone but Pleasure P

Young Money…the weakest link? T Streets–okay, they might be right on this one because I didn’t even know they had a member named T Streets. Geez…

Destiny’s Child…the weakest link? LaTavia

New Edition…the weakest link? Ronnie

En Vogue…the weakest link? Max

SWV…the weakest link? LeLe

Total…the weakest link? Kima

112…the weakest link? Q Parker

Dru Hill…the weakest link? Woody- I disagree, yeah he left the group twice, but he definitely wasn’t the weakest link. To me, Dru Hill doesn’t have a weak link- well, not with the original line up.

Danity Kane-the weakest link? Shannon Bex

G-Unit…the weakest link? Tony Yayo – do I even need to comment?

The Firm…the weakest link? Nature

Three 6 Mafia…the weakest link? Crunchy Black

Black Eyed Peas…the weakest link?

Onyx…the weakest link? Sonsee

Dipset…the weakest link? Freaky Zeeky

Day 26…the weakest link?  Q

The Fugees…the weakest link? Pras

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