Kat Stacks gets slapped!!!!

First off, I do not condone domestic violence and there is no BUTS about it. So apparently, Kat Stacks got into it with some guys and they asked her to apologize to Bow Wow & Fabolous. In case you don’t know, Kat Stacks is like Superhead No. 2. She has videos on the internet claiming to be “chumping” down all of our favorite rappers (including someone in the Black Wall Street camp-and the rapper denied even being with her-no, its not Game) such as Fabolous and Bow Wow.

This is what I found on allhiphop.com-


Apparently, Kat Stacks is going to sue Fabolous. I don’t know all the in’s and out’s with their relationship, but apparently, she made a plea to Fab NOT to release the video of her getting beat down by a person that is allegedly Paul Cain, Fab’s bro. This all went down in Atlanta at a bar. Not sure when. After Kat was slapped once, she was slapped again and then she fell. But, you know all of this, right? Her phone was taken from her too.

Kat Stacks levied down her accusations on Twitter:

yes its true @myfabolouslife sent people today to smack me up at the bar & they stole my phone & recorded it. i dare yall to blast it.”

” got my a** wooped? it was 2 n*ggas yelling @myfabolouslife & @bowwow name … im a female u got 2 n*ggas to hit me LOL lame.”

“i have no marks on my face .. they are lame”

Now, according to allhiphop.com, there is no factual information that states that the guy who slapped Kat Stacks is Fabolous’ brother. All Kat Stacks says is that it was somebody’s in Fabolous’ camp….You can see the video below. It’s not good footage, but its here…

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