The Journey to Diamonds (Part IV)

Maybe I should save this post as one of my guest blogging features for the Virtual Book Tour. Oh well, I feel I should unleash this now. To be honest, I should have unleashed this on June 1st when Diamonds in the Rough dropped.

I came into this industry, dumb. Yeah, I said it! Did I do my research like I was supposed to? No. I’m learning as I go, which can be hard at times, but exciting as well. I love to learn. If you can teach me something, you have made my day.

One thing that breaks my heart and will probably  never change is this: Great authors often go ignored because their with a small publisher. I’m not being bias and talking about myself. Let me say this…(shoutout to B. Swangin’ Webster!) I am  a READER and a WRITER. My plan is to buy 1 book everytime I get paid because there are so many authors I’ve met via Facebook whose books have me intrigued. Some of them I feel can potentially be bestsellers or should be, but the politics of the industry won’t allow it. Well, unless they go the literary agent route and sign with a major publisher. Why should we/they have to do that? Why can’t we/they just release a book and have it automatically on the shelves. I know, I know, that would only happen in a perfect world.

Like I’ve read online a gazillion times, its all about the money. Stores don’t want products that won’t sell. However, I’m sitting here looking at all of these authors who are with small publishers AND on the grind. Their books are probably better than what’s on the shelves, but will get ignored because their not with a major publisher. BAH FREAKING HUMBUG!

Or their not marketable because to industry standards, their a little unknown. If you’re talentless, but have a rich family then of course, you’ll get a book deal right off your name. It’s like, people know its going to sell so they will sign you even if your writing is crap (wait, did I just go in on Paris Hilton?-EEEEKKK- not saying her writing is crap, never read her book, but you get my point)

I know I have the option of finding an agent and getting with the “big dogs,” but you know what, I want to prove people wrong. It’s going to take HARD, HARD work, but I have the same ambitious spirit as Carmen Davenport (you should know who this is by now LOL)…I’m going to WORK now. PLAY later.


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