*I’m Going In…*~

What happened to humility?

It went out the window with some people. Yeah, this is one of my rants and raves. Since announcing to the world that I’m a published author, I’ve instantly became “friends” (Facebook, that is) with some of the most popular writers in the biz as well as some who are in the same boat as me, trying to get our name out to the masses.

The thing is, being friends with people on Facebook allows you to see almost everything that they do or say depending on their settings. While in most cases this is a plus, there are times when it isn’t. I’ve realized this with one author who I’m going in on. Of course, to keep from being sued for slander, I won’t point no elbows (yeah, I’m using that bad English), but I do want to discuss this.

Just because an author has sold millions of copies of books and have moved on to bigger and better things, it doesn’t give them the right to put down the underdog (as in the people like me who are working to get our name out there).

 Why do “we,” the people who have not reached these numbers, have to be accused of trying to be like you? Then, the nerve of you to say that some of us will never make it? WHY? Why don’t you want to support us and encourage us? That is the problem today. People see dollar signs, get bigheaded and forget to be humble. At one point in time, you weren’t selling a million copies of a book. At one point in time, you were struggling to get your name out to the world just like we are. And guess what…the UNDERDOG is what got you there. You don’t become a New York Times Best-selling author on your own. Yeah, you wrote the book, but people have to buy the book in order for it to happen. You should thank these people every single day. They are the reason you’re given thousands of dollars in publishing deals. YOU need US in order to be successful. It’s not the other way around.

It’s sad that some authors don’t recognize this. All they see is numbers in front of their face, which is proven with their frequent status messages about how some of us will never reach their level. What kind of encouragement is that? First of all, writing is subjective. Just because you don’t like something, it doesn’t mean it won’t sell. It just means that you didn’t like it. 20 people can say they hate a book. 1 person can say they love it, decide to publish it, only to see the book become a New York Times bestseller. And those 20 ppl? Their probably slapping themselves at this point, but guess what, they still probably don’t like the book.

Although none of these status messages have been publicly aimed at me, as a new author, it is very discouraging to see a seasoned author acting like this. At this point in my life, I realize that I only need positive energy in my circle. This negative ish can go in the trash. DELETE!!!!!!!

One thought on “*I’m Going In…*~

  1. Amen, sista, Amen
    I read the book and it is good and I plan on reading the other 9 books. I am not even a big fan of “urban lit” or “street lit” but the book is good and I am happy and proud of you. Keep up the good work!!!

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