One thought on “Check out my interview with Stacy Austraila!

  1. Thanks girl!!! As I work on my manuscript (thanks to the inspiration I recieved from knowing you) I am trying to establish my following so when I do publish a book I will already have a fan base. Once again I am glad I met you because it inspired me to do what I always wanted to do which is write regardless what others may say (one of my friends is on me bad because we both just gradated with MSW and she’s like “Stacy, you need to grind and get a job. NH, just not going to do it” and I am like “Yeah, I know NH, isn’t going to do it but I am working on other stuff”. ) See she’s the one that stick inside the box and do what is expected instead of going against the status quo. Even though I may have to get another job because I am moving and I don’t want to commute to and fro RH (and I need more money to work on the things I need to do). Girl, I am about to sign off, now I am just babbling.

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