Diamonds are Forever: Synopsis and Excerpt

Book Cover Concept by Vogue

The Diamond Collection continues.


Eight months pregnant, and Carmen Davenport is unsure of what is waiting for her outside of the Metropolitan Correctional Facility. For six grueling months, she sat in a cold cell with only the thought of her unborn son, Jayceon King Santiago, keeping her sane.


Carmen returns to Brookstone to discover that Flame, Inc. is now a multi-million dollar enterprise. It’s all thanks to her best friend Tiara.  


The man responsible for Carmen’s imprisonment and the disbanding of the Santiago cartel, Michael Antonio Kane, is now a permanent resident of Brookstone. Without a doubt, Carmen knows that their paths will cross


He may have received a life sentence, but Carmen is certain that Jay will find his way back to Brookstone.

Diamonds Are Forever is a reunion with familiar characters and another look into the dramatic lives of Brookstone’s finest. Can they all just get along?

Diamonds are Forever is the second of ten books that comprise “The Diamond Collection.”  




            The steel gray bars separated into two as Carmen stepped one foot out of the cell. She had told herself that when this day came that she wasn’t going to look back. She was going to put one foot in front of the other and continue walking, leaving behind the stale smell of the quarters, the loud yelling of the inmates around her and the memory of being locked up. She did exactly that. She put one foot in front of the other as the guards led her out of the cell and into a small room. They closed the door behind her allowing her to change out of the orange jumpsuit that she had been wearing for nearly six months.      

            Carmen stared at the window knowing that the guards were watching her change. Through the last six months, she had grown accustomed to the lack of privacy. Carmen stared at the plastic bag that lay on the table. In the bag were the clothes she was wearing when she was arrested. Carmen slid the jumpsuit off, anxious to get back inside of real clothes. The jumpsuit fell at her ankles and she grabbed the dress, pulling it over her head. It stopped just about two inches above her knees. She grabbed the flip-flops, putting her feet inside of them. She felt for the holes in her ears, hoping that the holes hadn’t closed up and slid the earrings inside. Carmen waited, knowing that they were watching her. It was only a matter of seconds before they were going to open the door.

            Carmen waited until she heard the sound of the door opening before she moved. She grabbed the plastic bag and followed the guard out of the room and down towards the releasing department to collect the money that had been left in her account.

            “Going home,” one of the other inmates asked as she walked by.

            “Yes ma’am,” Carmen answered. She kept walking, knowing that the inmate had to be new to the facility because she had never seen her before. Carmen stood in line, seeing another woman being released until it was her turn. She filled out the card with her information and handed it to the clerk.

            “Are you having a girl or boy?” the guard asked, peering down at her belly.

            “A boy,” Carmen replied, starting to drum her fingers on the counter as she waited for the clerk to hand her the leftover money. Carmen touched her head, feeling the tight cornrows that she had gotten the night before. Due to the vitamins and pills she had to take for the baby; her hair had grown almost down her back. Carmen knew that she wouldn’t be able to take care of her hair because she was in prison so she quickly made friends with an inmate who could braid. Carmen got her hair braided regularly, trading braids for food and postage stamps.

            “Here you are,” the clerk said, handing Carmen an envelope. Carmen took it from her hands and slid it into the plastic bag.

            “Ready?” the guard asked.

            “I’ve been ready for six months,” Carmen told the guard. Carmen followed the guard down the long hallway. She could feel tears starting to wail up in her eyes as it hit her. It was over. Her prison days were over.

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