Wanted This, Ate That!

Pasta e Fagioli

Every time I visit Yahoo! it seems that there is an always an article from Eat This! Not That! Some of the food items that are posted are ridiculous! You’d be surprised to find out how many dishes at your fave restaurants have as much as calories as your recommended daily intake!

I decided to do this blog post after visiting Olive Garden’s website. I went with a friend to the restaurant on Sunday but decided to check out the nutrition facts before I settled on a dish. I decided to show the difference in cals if I had of ordered exactly what I wanted and what I actually ended up eating:

What I Wanted:

2 breadsticks- 3oo cals

Chicken and Gnocchi soup-250cals

Braised beef and tortelloni (lunch portion) 740 cals

Total cals: 1290 cals- OUCH!

Seafood Brodetto

What I ate:

2 breadsticks- 300 cals

Pasta e Fagioli soup- 130 cals

Seafood Brodetto-480 cals- this is actually one of the Garden Fare options.

Total cals: 910 cals

*By the way, although I don’t recommend it, because of the amount of cals I ate for lunch, I didn’t eat dinner. My total daily intake for the day was 1555 cals which includes breakfast, snacks, and my daily vitamin. I probably could’ve ate only 1 breadstick which would’ve brought the amount of cals to 760, but I’m still fighting through my weakness with bread!

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