Book Spotlight: Irresistible Woman II by J.W. Smith

JW Smith In His Words, Meet Author J.W. Smith:

The man behind the post and this is my story……I am J. W. Smith an aspiring writer, inspirational speaker and motivator to all. I was born and raised in one of the toughest neighborhoods of South Central Los Angeles, California. At a very young age I was taught to survive by any means necessary or fall prey to society’s statistics. In the early 80’s when the crack epidemic hit the circulation of the inner city, I lost my father’s guidance and teachings to the drug, and my virginity to the streets. After many years of incarceration both as a juvenile and an adult, I finally woke up and started taken responsibility for my own actions rather than continuing to search for blame in others. With a lengthy stint of incarceration ahead of me and a high-school diploma to fall back on, I diligently set out to write my first novel “No Love Lost”, while the spirit of God provided the faith and the strength to conquer the obstacles I would face along my journey. I am the proud father of three young adults, two girl and a 23 year old young man, with the youngest graduating high school and set for Texas AM College this semester. My oldest daughter was in a tragic accident at the age of 16, paralyzed from the waist down, with every bone in her body broken per the doctors. She’s the inspiration that I look forward to and my 24 hour rock to lean on. She exudes the unfathomable determination to walk again. She’s the woman that gives me motivation to fight harder in becoming a successful provider, entrepreneur and inspiration to all. The perseverance and dedication within allows me to continue on this journey to master what avid readers can relate to, which is real life. I am the C.E.O of Shinning Starr Publications with several authors in the making on the roster.When I’m not writing I am enjoying a day of relaxation with the family or catching up on the politics of the world. I am Author J.W Smith and leaving a legend to be greatly remembered by is what I awake every morning with the anticipation of doing.

Untitled-1Q& A with Author J.W. Smith

1. What genre are your books?
I write Urban Fiyah with a touch of inspiration for the ladies.
2. How much research do you do?
I write about what I know and what I’ve experience.
3. What are you working on at the minute?
Synopsis for Irresistible Woman II: The Boss Take Over
A series of fast paced events are set in motion when Cynthia is manipulated into captivity by a childhood associate. With the loss of a friend, child and the urgent search for a missing teen triple threat squad formulates a plan of action that will ultimately leave everyone involved, stunned, to the core. This title shows the power of one woman’s sheer determination to break the cycle of generational curse with an unsuspecting person as her mentor. With vivid descriptions and play by play action, Irresistible Woman II will never leave you with a dull moment. This book will have you laughing, crying and filled with an abundance of emotion as you take a tour inside the transitional phase of one woman’s plight to raise the bar on life.
4. Tell us a little bit about you and your books.

Synopsis for Irresistible Woman I:

When three of the most diverse young women are adjoined at the hip by loyalty, the threat of death, murder nor mayhem could separate the trio. Bound by blood and a vow made back in the 3rd grade, the girls are made to endure atrocious activity to survive the gritty streets of Texas.  But when one of the pack member’s are suspected of being an informant for the F.B.I., their loyalty is put through the test.  With Jonetta facilitating the way and Ingrid doing hard time, Samantha is left behind to deal with the dingy street’s alone. With street credentials of a true project Diva, Samantha springs into action, readjust her values and commence to handling her priorities. This book is a fast pace novel, with great influential wisdom throughout it’s contents. These women were born and raised in poverty and destined to be a product of their environment, but eventually through believing in one another’s dreams, goals and aspirations, the girls were able to make a determined transition to the top.   

5.How long have you been writing?

I started this journey of sculpturing my first novel “No Love Lost” in 2004 while incarcerated in Federal Prison.

6. What inspired you to start writing?

Being determined to excel beyond measures.

7.What are your plans as far as writing in the future?

Being able to connect with the people on all level of understanding.

8.What do you hope to accomplish in your books to your readers?

To continue to enlightening the avid readers with Inspirational words of wisdom..(Thanks to the Almighty)

Irresistible Woman II will be released on April 5, 2014. To check out Irresistible Woman I, please click here and to check out No Love Lost by the author, please click here

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