Behind the Book: The Ace of Diamonds (Chapter Six)

btbaceofdiam copyChapter Six

  1. “It’s almost that time,” she heard him whisper. Carmen nodded her head, but didn’t respond verbally. His comment was sincere although she knew deep down that he was hurt. They might have renewed their vows, but she still was about to give birth to Jay’s baby. “Are you happy?” he asked. – It was always my plan to have Carmen pregnant with a baby by Jay while still trying to maintain her relationship with Kane. The child symbolizes the everlasting connection they (Carmen and Jay) will have. While it may appear that Jay is somewhat acting as a surrogate for them that was never my intention. It’s just the way the cards fell. In this scene, Kane is bothered by Carmen’s pregnancy. He asks her if she’s happy although he knows she is and he isn’t. His wife’s pregnancy is only a reminder that he is sterile.
  2. Before responding, Kane stuck both of his feet into his Timberland boots without bothering to lace them up. – I figured since the setting was New York, it was only right to have Kane putting on Timberland boots versus a different kind of shoe.

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