Behind the Book: The Ace of Diamonds (Chapter Eleven)

btbaceofdiam copyChapter Eleven

  1. With the meeting coming to a close, Malik grabbed the steak knife that was on the table. – So in this scene, Malik has come to Blue Magic for a meeting regarding the Santiago cartel only to see Blu leading the discussion. Malik isn’t really a violent person, but I wanted to show that he could do a little damage if need be. He grabs the steak knife, but of course, he doesn’t end up using it.
  2. When the phone rang a sixth time, Jay mumbled a few curse words under his breath. He gave Nyla another quick glance before picking up his phone. There were six missed phone calls and all of them were from Malik. – The number six is symbolical. Any time it’s in my books, it’s there on purpose. Six is my 2nd favorite number, right behind seven.
  3. Her right index finger was right on top of his heart where he had the face of a lion tattooed.- Judging from a scene in Diamonds in the Rough, Jay’s birthday is supposed to be in June, I think. If I was really paying attention to the timeframe of that book, I would’ve moved it to August so could be a Leo. The lion tattoo on his chest is supposed to be there because he is a Leo, but according to what I previously wrote, he isn’t. IY YI YI!
  4. If anything, he probably only brought in two thousand a week in hustles. – This is one of Kane’s thoughts regarding Jarrod Luis, the teenager who eventually becomes an informant for the Brookstone PD. This line came from a memory I had when a male friend of mine was trying to get with a mutual female friend. To prove to her he could take care of her, he told her he could make two thousand a week in the streets. I remembered that conversation and threw it in the book.

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