Behind the Book (The Ace of Diamonds): Chapter Nineteen

btbaceofdiam copyChapter Nineteen
1. Kristian and Akaila had headed to Club Monaco, which was about four stores down from where Carmen was. – I was looking up different clothing stores for this scene since Carmen, Kristian and Akaila were going to be at the mall and found this store. The clothes appeared to be something I felt I would find in Seventeen so I included the store in this scene.
2. Once I find out who it is, I’m putting twenty thousand on his head. – This line is spoken by Blu and was inspired by a YouTube video I saw where T.I. was performing. If I’m remembering correctly, someone was throwing things on stage and T.I. responds with placing a $50000 bounty on the person’s head if they continued.

Update: Peep the video of T.I. below:

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