Behind the Book (The Ace of Diamonds): Chapters Twenty-Eight, Twenty-Nine,and Thirty

btbaceofdiam copyChapter Twenty-Eight
1. It was rare that she saw him like that, but she knew why when he held up the glass of Red Berry Ciroc.- While I’ll never be a Ciroc girl, I can always put product placement in my books. I intentionally put the product here. This is from a scene in the book when Carmen visits Jay to discuss her attack.
2. I need you to ride with me on this one. – Jay says this to Carmen to try and persuade her to handle her attack the way he wants too. It’s another ode to the whole Bonnie and Clyde theme in the storyline.
3. He showed his acceptance by planting a single kiss on her forehead. – Ever watched The Best Man and seen how they talk about the forehead kiss? It’s simple, sexy, and says so much. I had to put it in this scene.

Chapter Twenty-Nine
I didn’t want to skip this chapter, but after reading it, there wasn’t anything in it to really dissect. Therefore I’ll be moving right along to Chapter Thirty

Chapter Thirty
1. Despite there being two large Louis Vuitton suitcases near the recliner, his godfather was inside alone. – Here’s another reference to Kimora Lee Simmons. If you watched Life in the Fab Lane, you probably remember that most of her luggage is Louis Vuitton and she has tons of it.
2. Jay could hear the sentiment loud and clear in Lotus’ voice. He knew there was a lot that his godfather wanted to say, he only needed someone to listen. – I always felt like there needed to be a scene in one of the books that gave some background to Jay’s parents. This scene in Lotus’ hospital room seemed to be the perfect place to put the information.

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