Diamonds N’ Roses is now available!

diamondsnroses copyDecember 25th marked the release of the fifth installment of The Diamond Collection, Diamonds N’ Roses.  The book is currently available in print and E-book on, Barnes&,, etc. The e-book edition is $2.99 and the paperback version of the novel is $10.00.

While I am excited about the release of my fifth novel, the release is bittersweet. Throughout writing the fifth book, I fell out of love with novel writing and with my characters. Due to this, my interest grew in screenwriting and I started working on new storylines with fresh characters. This helped as I began working towards a Master’s degree in Fine Arts with a concentration in writing for the stage and screen at Queens University (Charlotte, NC). Balancing work and school caused my attention to be swayed away from the novel and almost delayed the release of the book, but thankfully I (along with my fantastic editor) was able to finish the project on schedule.

At this time, it is imperative that I take a break from the series as I focus my attention on other projects. This does not mean that the series has come to a close, but it means that at this time I do not have a release date in mind for the sixth book, The Diamond Tiara, or for future works. However, the project has been started (which those of you will see who have purchased a copy of Diamonds N’ Roses.) I hope you enjoy this new book and remember to keep shining!



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