Behind the Book (Diamonds N’ Roses): Chapter Fourteen

Behind the Book is a series in which I give you a behind the scenes look at one of the latest installments of The Diamond Collection. For this round, I will be focusing on Diamonds N’ Roses: Part Five of The Diamond Collection.

Diamonds N’ Roses was released on December 25, 2016 and is available at the following online retailers: Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Books-A-Million.

Other Available Titles in The Diamond Collection: Diamonds in the Rough, Diamonds are Forever, The Ace of Diamonds, Black Diamonds, The Diamond Tiara (Part Six) and Dirty Red Diamonds (Part Seven).


Chapter Fourteen is called Lemonade because something stronger than tea was spilled. Here’s the backstory – Jay headed to San Juan, Puerto Rico, his birthplace, as Carmen needed space due to the miscarriage.

When he gets home, he finds evidence that someone other than his butler, Silvas, has been there. That person ends up being a new character by the name of Eleise Santiago, who is, drum roll, Jay’s sister. However, she’s not only Jay’s sister, she’s also Carmen’s sister as Eleise is the result of a brief affair between Jay’s father and Carmen’s mother.

Did I do this on purpose? Yes. It’s just one more thing to make the reader question if this wedding is going to happen and this thing is a big one. While Carmen and Jay do not have any biological relation, come December 25th, she may be marrying her sister’s brother.  


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