Behind the Book: Diamonds N’ Roses (Chapter Seventeen – Part Two)

Behind the Book is a series in which I give you a behind the scenes look at one of the latest installments of The Diamond Collection. For this round, I will be focusing on Diamonds N’ Roses: Part Five of The Diamond Collection.

Other Available Titles in The Diamond Collection: Diamonds in the Rough, Diamonds are Forever, The Ace of Diamonds, Black Diamonds, The Diamond Tiara (Part Six) and Dirty Red Diamonds (Part Seven).

Diamonds N’ Roses was released on December 25, 2016 and is available at the following online retailers: Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Books-A-Million.


I was getting ready to dive into Chapter Eighteen, when I saw there was more to discuss in Chapter Seventeen. In the last video, I talked about how Carmen learned the truth about Casa de Sangre. Well, that wasn’t the only tea spilled. In this same chapter, Jay learns his mother’s suicide wasn’t a suicide. It was a murder. I realized this was something I desperately needed to talk about.

For one, when I started writing the series, Jay’s mother, Lady, did commit suicide. However, when I got to Book Five, introduced the storyline of Eleise, I saw an opportunity to shake things up even further. Like, what if Carmen’s mother actually killed Jay’s mother? That’s a lot to swallow. Then, I decided to stir the pot some more. Because what does Jay do when he finds out? He kills Carmen’s mother. Now, that had to happen, because that is true to Jay’s character. It wouldn’t be in his nature to find his mother’s killer and let them walk free. That’s not Jay Santiago. Jay Santiago did what Jay Santiago would’ve done. He gave her a brutal death. Or did he?

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