What I Watched: DAWN Titans x James Dean

Dawn has always been one of my favorites. She was my favorite from Danity Kane, Diddy Dirty Money and I loved her solo music even more. This song (well, the Titans part), will have to grow on me. I dug the James Dean part at first listen. I had to share this visual though because its freakin’ awesome.

Bout to Explode…Nowhere for You To Run

I gave this post the title, “Bout to explode, Nowhere for you to run,” because that’s how I feel when it comes to Dawn Richard’s music. I feel like she’s about to be the next best thing and everybody is going to be a witness of it! To be honest, she’s already the next best thing! This is the first single from her EP, Armor On, “Bombs.”

Sidenote: Dawn was originally in Danity Kane and Diddy-Dirty Money.