XXLmag.com interviews Game

so by now you should have noticed that I love Game…LOL :-0)…this is straight from xxlmag.com: 


XXLMag.com: What’s going to be different about this album? 

Game: Well, overall I just feel like it’s my best work to date. I’ve sold millions of albums; I don’t really have anything to prove to anybody or anything so I’m not looking for that. But I think people will listen to The R.E.D. Album and see all of what I put into it. 

XXLMag.com: You have a lot of high profile guests lined up. Who were you most excited to work with?  

Game: Justin Timberlake. The song I did with him is probably going to be a single. It was amazing to get a chance to work with him. Jay [Electronica] came through and did a verse at the spur of the moment. We missed getting Nicki [Minaj] on there. Things just didn’t come together for that. I wanted her on there, though. 

XXLMag.com: How was it working with Dre and Pharrell in the studio together?  

Game: It works well. I worked with Dre on a few songs and Pharrell is the executive producer of the project. He did the bulk of the tracks. Cool & Dre is on there, too. They did “Shake.” You’re gonna get [Swizz Beatz], The Hitboyz, and Timbaland, too. 

XXLMag.com: How is it different working in the studio with Dre than Pharrell?  

Game: You just work and work and work with Dre. You don’t even know what you’re working on. (Laughs) But he’s a perfectionist and I respect his work ethic. He’s a legend. With Pharrell we laid back, ordering pizzas, chillin’, completely different but we still get shit done because he’s a beast, too. With them having my back, I can’t go wrong. 

XXLMag.com: How many songs did Dre produce on this album?  

Game: I have no idea. I’m not sure which songs will be on [The R.E.D. Album] yet. We just worked on a gang of shit. Altogether there were like a thousand songs recorded for this album. A thousand! I got songs for days. 

XXLMag.com: Yeah, like “400 Bars.” You went at a few people on there, too. What happened to having a drama free 2010?  

Game: Aw man the shit I said on “400 Bars” about 50 and G-Unit ain’t even like dissin’ to me. That’s nothing. That just is what it is. People too serious and uptight. Those were just jokes. It’s ongoing with them, though. 

XXLMag.com: But didn’t you have Twitter beef with Alchemist and Jay Rock, too?  

Game: People just hyping shit up. [Al] know what it is though and with Jay Rock, to be honest, I didn’t even know that that was Jay Rock that had even said the Cube thing. So when I said what I said on the track I wasn’t thinking about him specifically. 

XXLMag.com: What do you think about what Cube was saying like, basically that it’s not his responsibility to put anyone on? 

Game: I mean, do you think it’s his responsibility? Because I don’t think so. People have to pay their dues. I paid my dues and they gotta do the same. —Brooklyne Gipson  

Complex.com gives a preview of Game’s “The Red Album”

this is straight from complex.com via hurricane-game.net:

Produced By: Cool & Dre
Complex says: The Compton rapper’s forays into name-dropping have recently been hit or miss, but over Cool & Dre’s 70s funk-jazz-influenced instrumental, the album’s intro is a major hit. Game drops attention-grabbing lines (“Will I ever go at Nas? Hell nah! / Will I ever go at Jay-Z? I don’t know”) and doesn’t waste a second spewing his fully automatic braggadocio. It’s an instant head-nodding banger for a kickoff.

Produced By DJ Khalil
Complex says: As the title implies, it’s a reference to Morris Chestnut’s character in John Singleton’s debut film Boyz N The Hood. A saxophone intro trails up to the congo drums in the backdrop, and the track leads off as a cautionary tale about ‘hood violence—but quickly veers off into Game sucking himself off about how he remains victorious in front of gun claps. Gunshot sound effects, paired with the chanted shout of “Ricky!” make this one memorable…for its repetitiveness.

“Good, Bad, Ugly”
Produced By: Hit Boy
Complex says: Grimy keys and dark drums play the backdrop for a storytelling joint. The saga begins with the former drug dealer getting ambushed by several hostile guests with heaters, then segues to a scene where two detectives question the injured rapper. Game skillfully flips the tone of his voice, and weaves an entertaining verse when he refuses to cooperate, instead spinning out a story that’s different from what actually went down. Straight gangsta shit.

“Heavy Artillery” f/ Beanie Sigel and Rick Ross
Produced By: Street Runner
Complex says: The three self-claimed gangsters flex gun talk, murder, and their own craziness. Game even compares himself to Marshall Mathers (“Eminem ain’t Dr. Dre’s only sick nigga”).



Produced By: Phonix
K-Young on the reference).the version with(for the record, we didn’t mind  Thickethat the infectious hook would be re-sung by Robin  were toldComplex says: The version we heard featured an up-and-coming talent named K-Young, though we Thicke“Diamonds” f/ Robin

“It Must Be Me” f/ Pharrell
Produced By: Pharrell
Complex says: Certified 2002 club banger!!! We had no idea P had a Delorean.

“Ain’t No Doubt About It” f/ Justin Timberlake
Produced By: Pharrell
Complex says: Justified x In My Mind x Game sounding a little uncomfortable with the terrycloth-soft vibe of the track. Nothing much else to say. *shrug*


“Mother’s Womb” f/ Nelly Furtado
Produced By: Pharrell
Complex says: The title’s kind of gross, right? Doesn’t sound so hot, either. Game waxes poetic about all the gangsta shit he’s been up to since he’s left his mother’s womb. What better way to do that than have Nelly Furtado ride shotgun? FOH. Skateboard P brings those Neptunes key patterns that sound like a throwback to his early chart-toppers, which is both a good and bad thing. The mix we heard was rough, but Furtado’s vocals sounded good.

“She’ll Look Good To Me”
Produced By: Pharrell
Complex says: This one is all about bakin’ pies with a college chick. But not for her culinary class. As long as they’re of age, we always co-sign corrupting co-eds.

“When My Nigga Come Home” f/ Snoop Dogg
Produced By: Pharrell
Complex says: Game heads to the strip club with a close friend fresh out the joint. Pharrell provides the soundtrack for the celebration with a mix of luscious synth waves and deep, hard-hitting drums. Snoop name-drops plenty of fellow Crips, but in that nice and smooth way that doesn’t offend middle America to the point that they’ll revoke sponsorships.

“Dead People”
Produced By: Dr.Dre
Complex says: Dre laces Game with a beat that sounds like it was left off 50 Cent’s The Massacre (in the same vein of “I’m Supposed To Die Tonight”), and Jayceon takes the opportunity to steal 50’s style, even sounding like him on the hook (a stashed joint he wrote, maybe?). Granted, he writes from an interesting perspective—at one point he goes into the POV of a bullet like Nas’ “I Gave You Power”—but it stills come off as an odd fantasy about murder.

“It Must Be Tough” f/ Pharrell
Produced By: Pharrell
Complex says: Even though this was clearly unmixed and still has some reference vocals on it, it’s still one of the clear highlights of the album. Typical baller shit we’ve heard before, but Pharrell stunts on another level and absolutely dominates on the ad-libs and the hooks. There’s synths galore and heavy 808s that build back and forth (from low volume to high), and Game delivers a solid third verse.

“Roll My Shit” f/ Snoop Dogg
Produced By: Pharrell
Complex says: Some real G-shit, straight up and down. Game and Snoop are clearly in their element on this one. Pharrell brings his best Dr. Dre impression by using light, wavy synths reminiscent of The Chronic.

“Lost Ones” f/ K-young
Produced By: Cool & Dre
Complex says: Bonus cut that focuses on really dark themes of death and the molestation of his sister by his father. Fooled you, right? You thought it was some diss to Jigga, right?

Vibe.com talks to Stacey Dash




this interview is straight from vibe.com:  

 VIBE: So how did you end up on a motorcyle with Rick Ross?
Stacey Dash: F. Gary Gray called me and he’s a director that I wanted to work with for a very long time. He’s like ‘Look I’m doing this music video, it’s based around Harley Davidson and it’s going to be amazing, will you do it with me?’ I said, ‘Of course! You’re F. Gary Gray! I love your vision, yes!  

Nice, when did you guys film?
We shot it Sunday and Monday at Palm Desert—both 18-hour workdays.  

What’s your role in the video?
I play the video vixen. I’m in a Lamborghini and he pulls up on me. I’m not having a good time with my man and he’s like ‘Come with me.’ There’s about 20 guys in Harley bikes surrounding me. I’m like ‘Heck yeah, I’m getting on the bike!’  

Are you hesitant about being in rappers’ music videos?
Not at all. Work is work. And if it’s something that you like and are getting paid, I wouldn’t be hesitant to do it all. If it was something where I didn’t like the concept and it was just some Mickey Mouse director, that’s different.  

How familiar were you with Ross’ work?
I wasn’t very familiar. Kinda. I heard a couple songs that I liked and then I asked around some people I know [laughs] and listened to “Super High” and liked it a lot.  

What were you asking people?
I was asking people in [the] business what they thought of him. They said ‘Oh he’s a good rapper, he’s solid.’  

Would you hang out with him outside of work?
Oh, absolutely. He’s so nice. I can see that. I like him. And he’s smart.  

Is he a serious kind of guy?
He’s quiet and I’m quiet so it’s really good. When words are spoken, they mean something.  


What about Game, how’d that video happen?
We did a movie together [a year ago]—that I’m pretty sure is not coming out—and became friends. So you know, he called me and said ‘Please’ and I said ‘Okay.’  

What movie was this?
I don’t even want to talk about, if it comes out great, if it doesn’t fine. Unfortunately, they didn’t have enough money to make a movie and they tried. We did finish I think. It was not a very…I don’t know if it’s coming out.  

Game’s video looks a bit more typical of a hip-hop video then Ross’. What was his pitch to you?
His pitch was ‘I’m doing a video, I need you to come at 4 o’clock in the morning to be the girl that I wake up to. I’m like ‘Ugh, really? He’s like ‘Please.’ I said ‘Ugh, really.’ He says ‘Please.’ I couldn’t say no. [Laughs]  

Yeah, those naked girls on the couch caught me off guard.
He knew I would have no part in that. I’m [said] ‘Once that sun rises, I’m out.’ And that was it. I got there, I shot it and I left.  

Is Game smart like Ross too? 
Game is highly intelligent. He’s even educated.   

What are your conversations with him like?
We have all kinds, from politics, to finances, to life, to religion. He’s an intelligent man. That’s what I hope gets exposed about him. Which is why I did my part in his video. I want him to expose that side of himself.   

What’s stopping him? 
He says everything is about timing. He’s just such an intelligent man and no one knows. He’s articulate as well.   

So you guys kind of made a deal?
Yeah, he promises that eventually it’s going to happen. I’m holding him to it. And I think he has a great voice for rap. I think his voice is amazing, so I would love to hear him rap some… stuff. [Laughs]  

I was surprised to hear that your most recent husband, Emmanuel Xuereb, was physically abusive towards you. TMZ put up the legal paper, but did you ever want the public to know?  

I didn’t necessarily want it to get out, but it got out. Unfortunately, it’s not the first time for me and that’s something I was going to get into [publicly.] I was in a [bad] relationship for five years when I was a young girl with my son’s father. It’s a sickness. And it’s also… it’s about being a woman and being strong enough to leave. And sometimes you’re not. It’s very sad and women need to be helped, not condemned. It’s not like you want to be there getting your ass beat.  

Was it hard leaving your son’s father when you were younger?
I left finally, after my son was born. My son saved my life because had I not had him, I would probably be dead. I got the courage from my son to leave and do what I had to do.  

Did you feel like you were in a life-threatening situation with Emmanuel?
No. ‘Scuse me, I’ve got two fucking kids. There’s no fucking way, man. Once he got physical, that was it. ‘Oh yeah? You’re going to put your hands on me?’ I don’t think so, you’re going to jail. You only get to do that once, that’s it.  

Exactly. Did your children know what was going on?
No. My son didn’t really know and my daughter has no idea. She’s oblivious. She’s just a happy little girl that goes to school.  

Is that a talk you want to save for later?
For Lola, she doesn’t need to know. It’s not her father. All she needs to know is that we’re not together anymore and we wish him well. My son, he knows what the deal was. My son knows everything. We grew up together. I’m completely honest with him. And he’s a grown man.  

He’s super protective over his mother?
For sure.  

Has your ex-husband tried to get in contact with you at all?
No. The restraining order worked. And that’s the other thing I want women to know: If you do the steps, they work. They try and tell you, ‘You can’t get away from me.’ But go to the law, it works.  

With having experienced two abusive relationships, how do you deal with the aftermath? Are you seeing a therapist?
Yeah, I have a therapist and I pray a lot. I’m staying very close to God right now. I keep saying God is my man because I’m not used to being without [one]. It’s not easy, it’s very difficult for me. And I just… I get on my knees a lot.  

Do you think there’s a pattern with the guys you choose? The bad boy?
Oh no. My daughter’s father is an upper class twit, an Englishmen. He’s a really good man, we just didn’t work out. And my first husband would never hurt me in a million years. So I don’t know what happened with this last guy.  

Were your other ex-husbands like ‘Yo Stace, we will kill that man if you want us’?
Yes, of course. That was already a given. They wanted me out of the situation, so yeah.  

Do you have any more court dates left?
Oh, no. That’s done. We’re done.  

Divorce finalized?
Yep. Life is moving on.  

Goodies from Game


If you visit hurricane-game.net, you can hear a single from Game entitled “400 Bars” that has the MC rappin’ for 20 straight minutes…gotta luv it!

also check out the video below to hear “It Must Be Me,” which is being reported as the first single from the RED Album although Game recently shot a video for the single, “Shake.”