MTO POST: Reggie Bush + Kim + kanYe

okay, okay, i’m not saying that i believe this post or whatever, but i figured that it would be something that i would put up just to say that i shared it. according to the post by MTO (, Reggie Bush learned that Kim Kardashian had cheated on him and slept with kanYe and tried to jump on him about it. i know, i know, makes me raise an eyebrow, too. apparently, kanYe’s security kept that from happening, but Reggie is still looking to get revenge. MTO claims they got the dirt from one of Kim’s CLOSEST friends.

just so you know tidbits…

-Q-Tip is currently working in the studio with kanYe on his new record.

-although an official statement has not been released, word is that Jennifer Lopez has signed to Def Jam

-Carrie  Underwood has donated 10,000 big ones to an animal shelter in Manhattan.

-Matt Damon will be making a guest appearance on an episode of 30 Rock.

-Ciara is working on her fourth album with The Dream. She has a single called “Speechless,” which can be heard on

-Dirty Money is currently filming their new video, “Hello, Good Morning,” which features T.I. you can hear the single at