Cudi in cuffs?!?


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Cudi, whose real name is Scott Mescudi, 26, got into an argument with a woman inside her apartment on West 24th Street at 4:15AM June 11, police officials say. Enraged, the 24-year-old star allegedly smashed the victim’s cellphone and ripped the door of her apartment off its hinges in a fit of anger. Police arrived on the scene a short time later and discovered a glass bottle of a controlled substance at the scene. 

Cudi was promptly taken into custody. The Cleveland native, who now lives in the trendy NYC neighborhood of Tribeca, was charged with criminal mischief and possession of a controlled substance. 

Kid Cudi clears up Jim Jonsin statement….


Peep this blog post by Kid Cudi from where he clears up the rumor that he’s working on a record with kanYe that samples a Duran Duran song… 

POSTED: 11.05.10 

ima need everyone to please disregard what you may have heard from Jim Jonsin’s recent interview. i got mad love for jim but he was misinformed. there is no kanye x kid cudi duran duran song, id sample a 90s record before a 80s record anyday AND when i worked with jim, i hadnt even started sessions with plain pat and emile yet so the direction of my album was yet to be determined. we did cut one record but since the album theme change im still not sure if ima use it or not. the story flows well with out it so its pretty much up in the air. my album sounds nothing like youve ever heard before and cant be describe to be honest. like MOTM, its one of a kind and very VERY honest. ALSO no disrespect to B.o.B., hes a homie of mine and extremely talented but i feel my work cant really be compared to anyone elses. i pride myself on what i create and i will make sure you are all pleased with it. 

fans and press: wait for me to make official statements about my music before you believe other wise. ill start spilling the beans on this new glorious fucker really soon.thanx, cud and management