What I Read: The Climax by Sharee Beasley

51O89+P5OYLSince becoming a self-published author I’ve visited many forums to interact with other writers for advice and to discuss concerns regarding the publishing industry. In one of these forums, I stumbled upon The Climax by Sharee Beasley, who was offering a free promotion of her book. Her debut novel, I wasn’t sure what to expect aside from erotica and maybe a dose of romance. Well, I ended up getting a whole lot more.

The Climax tells the story of a fiery redhead by the name of Lauren who starts a new job and a sexual relationship with her boss, Robert Freeman. Although they try to keep their escapades a secret, it’s obvious people in the office are suspicious of their relationship. It is also hard for them to hide the sexual tension. To add on to the drama, in walks Jin, a lawyer who Lauren starts sleeping with as well. At this point, Lauren is most definitely doing the most. Sex flings are constant, which can lead the reader to believe that the climax of the book would be a scene where Freeman and Jin find out about each other. While this does eventually occur, the book takes a totally different direction than I imagined.

In a scenario such as this, it would be only expected for another woman to come in and shake things up. This part of the plot puts you on the edge of your seat because you want to know what is coming. Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned!

Overall, the plot and storyline of the book will draw readers in, however the editing of the book may make them stop reading. I’ve read tons of books with errors, but if it is minimal (one to three every now and then); I could care less, and would never mention it in a review. With this book, there were so many errors; the review wouldn’t be honest if I didn’t mention it. I did my best to overlook the errors and read to the end. I was able to follow along and still enjoyed the book.

Please keep in mind these errors could have been corrected since my initial download. Therefore, I would not advise for anyone not to purchase the book based off this review without checking out the Look Inside feature provided on Amazon.

In the end, the overall storyline and the major twist at the end made me grant this book four stars. I would definitely recommend this book to others especially if you like steamy sex scenes!