Book Review of Omegia Keeys’ “Can You Keep a Secret?”

First off, I don’t care if Omegia is my soror or if we’re affiliated with the same company. I’m honest in my reviews and maybe even brutal. Shoot, I have the right to be honest when I spent MY money on the book. Too bad I can’t show that brutal side of me with my first book review.

For those of you who have never heard of Omegia Keeys, here’s some background information. She’s an erotic fiction author from Indiana, who emerged on the scene in 2007 with her debut novel, Passionate Playmates. The follow-up came in 2009 with Now, she is back again with her third novel, Can You Keep a Secret? (CYKAS)

Let me say this, Can You Keep a Secret? is not a secret that I want to keep. Whoa, whoa, don’t take that line the wrong way. What I’m saying is this: this book is so good; I want to tell the world. Out of all of Omegia’s books, and I have all of them, Can You Keep a Secret is the best.

The book follows the life of Monica Taylor, a successful Human Resources Manager at People’s Insurance who discovers her husband’s infidelity. Instead of waltzing around the house like a sad puppy, Monica decides to take matters into her own hands and spice up her sex life (and boy, does she!)

When I first started reading the book, my mind eventually went to the movie, Waiting to Exhale where I relived the memory of good ‘ol Bernadine. The only difference is, I’ve never read Waiting to Exhale. In CYKAS, Omegia does an EXCELLENT job of describing Monica’s thoughts and emotions, almost to the point that you think you’re walking around in the woman’s head yourself. The story is written in first person, which aids in the reading experience.

The one thing I noticed about Monica’s thoughts is that they are honest and real. Monica is an excellent representation of the working mother in America. Yeah, yeah, I’m not a mother, but with the way this book is written, I could relate!

Oh yeah, Omegia definitely didn’t hold back on the nastiness. This book definitely ain’t for the kiddies.

Yeah, she earned it, go ahead, Omegia, take the FIVE STARS!

Rating: ***** (LITERARY CLASSIC)

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