Book Review of Omegia Keeys’ “Can You Keep a Secret?”

First off, I don’t care if Omegia is my soror or if we’re affiliated with the same company. I’m honest in my reviews and maybe even brutal. Shoot, I have the right to be honest when I spent MY money on the book. Too bad I can’t show that brutal side of me with my first book review.

For those of you who have never heard of Omegia Keeys, here’s some background information. She’s an erotic fiction author from Indiana, who emerged on the scene in 2007 with her debut novel, Passionate Playmates. The follow-up came in 2009 with Now, she is back again with her third novel, Can You Keep a Secret? (CYKAS)

Let me say this, Can You Keep a Secret? is not a secret that I want to keep. Whoa, whoa, don’t take that line the wrong way. What I’m saying is this: this book is so good; I want to tell the world. Out of all of Omegia’s books, and I have all of them, Can You Keep a Secret is the best.

The book follows the life of Monica Taylor, a successful Human Resources Manager at People’s Insurance who discovers her husband’s infidelity. Instead of waltzing around the house like a sad puppy, Monica decides to take matters into her own hands and spice up her sex life (and boy, does she!)

When I first started reading the book, my mind eventually went to the movie, Waiting to Exhale where I relived the memory of good ‘ol Bernadine. The only difference is, I’ve never read Waiting to Exhale. In CYKAS, Omegia does an EXCELLENT job of describing Monica’s thoughts and emotions, almost to the point that you think you’re walking around in the woman’s head yourself. The story is written in first person, which aids in the reading experience.

The one thing I noticed about Monica’s thoughts is that they are honest and real. Monica is an excellent representation of the working mother in America. Yeah, yeah, I’m not a mother, but with the way this book is written, I could relate!

Oh yeah, Omegia definitely didn’t hold back on the nastiness. This book definitely ain’t for the kiddies.

Yeah, she earned it, go ahead, Omegia, take the FIVE STARS!

Rating: ***** (LITERARY CLASSIC) chats with Author Omegia Keeys

Omegia Keeys is on the grind. Born in Michigan City, Indiana, Omegia currently resides in Indianapolis and is the author of three novels, Passionate Playmates,, and Can You Keep a Secret? Balancing motherhood and a full-time career, Omegia has proven to be just as passionate about writing by releasing three books in less than three years. Currently, Omegia is on two book tours, the Domestic Seduction Tour with author Jo Davis and a Virtual Book Tour.  

With three books under your belt (Passionate Playmates [PP]),, and Can You Keep a Secret? [CYKAS]), you definitely have proven to be a passionate writer! How do you keep the ideas flowing?  

I keep the ideas flowing by making my characters evolve. When you are dealing with the adult industry there are always plenty of scenarios that can come into play as with every day life. In PP, she was an employee, so I moved her to being an owner in In CYKAS, I took a step back into the lives of one of her models.  

Since CYKAS contains a totally new character, are there any similarities to that character and Erika? Or do their personalities differ?  

Monica is the complete opposite of Erika. Whereas Erika is confident and not afraid to venture out, Monica has always been a behind the scene type of woman. Monica was living the “American Dream” and not aware of her womanly power.  

Sounds to me that a lot of women will be able to relate to Monica. So I’m guessing her character has not fully become comfortable with her sexuality?  

She is trying. Her husband was her first lover and he was a very selfish one at that. I am hoping a lot of women can relate to the fear of expressing themselves.  

Would you say that writing erotic fiction was a way for you to express yourself sexually?  

Yes, I would. A woman needs to be comfortable with herself to totally give to her mate. I am not a fan of being promiscuous but of pleasing the one you are with, or if you have no one making sure that you are okay with that. You must love yourself first in order to express that to others.  

According to the PWP website, you also have a novel, Baby Girl that is coming soon. What is this novel about?  

This is for my young adult readers. When I am at events, I get a lot of younger ladies that want to read my novels. I am not comfortable with this, so I decided to give them something they can read. It’s about a teenage girl growing up dealing with her drug dealing brothers, peer pressure, high school and her becoming a woman. I am not glamorizing the drug life, but giving a look at how it affects the people around it.  

How did you prepare yourself for this novel since you are writing on a new topic (drug life)?  

I just reflected back on some things I saw as a child. Not particularly in my household, but in the neighborhood I grew up in. The other stuff was easy-we all went through some sort of peer pressure.  

Speaking of pressure, do you ever become anxious when you’re writing in terms of wanting to please your fans? Do you think your fans of your first three novels will still pick up Baby Girl?  

I hope they will and I am nervous about it, but this is something I really want to do to show a little versatility. No worries because Erotica is my first love and I won’t stay away from it long.


Versatility is very important! With so many authors out there in the erotic fiction genre, what is it that makes your novels stand out from the rest?  

I think it’s more of my storyline that makes it stand out. Yes, my characters are in the adult entertainment industry but they are dealing with every day issues at the same time. I am not trying to glamorize the industry at all. Yes, big money can be made but it comes along with a price at times.  

Just like your characters, you are maintaining a career along with everyday life, how do you balance it all? What challenges do you face?  

In this day and age, it’s hard to find women who aren’t balancing it all. I actually look at my mom and how she raised the 7 of us. I see how she handled everything and so I say why the heck can’t I do it? The most challenging part for me is trying to fit in the time to write without taking any time away from them. Thank goodness for the PlayStation! Once they get on the video games they go into a zone and I get a little “me” time.  

So let’s you say have “me” time and are starting to work on a new novel. How do you write? Do you just sit at the computer and let it flow? 

Well, my story normally comes to me when I am not at a computer. I normally keep a notebook with me, but if I don’t have one I will write on almost any thing. I think the utility company got a nice section of When I am at the computer I am normally revising and adding to some of the stuff I scribbled down.  

How long does it usually take for you to finish a novel?  

About four to five months. I then set it to the side and come back a few weeks later to see how I can improve it. Did I leave something important out? Did I input something not important to the story?  

So once the novel is finished, what is the next step? For example, after you finished your first novel, Passionate Playmates, how did you go about getting it published?  

Oh wow! Passionate Playmates actually sat around a few years. I mean I wrote it but really didn’t know what direction I wanted to go with it. It actually took a nosey co-worker (a close friend) to happen across my manuscript sitting on my desk face down. I noticed she was really into whatever it was she was reading and asked her about it. Turns out it was my book. She really liked it and encouraged me to submit it.  

 I sent it off and heard back from them a few days later. Once that was over, I went through the agonizing wait that all authors go through. You get accepted and sometimes you hear nothing at all for weeks, or even months. It is all part of the process, but in the end well worth the wait. Now while one is in the process I focus on completing another.  

Would you mind sharing a little bit more about your first publishing experience? What things did you learn that you didn’t know going in?  

Unfortunately, I was not with a very great publisher. They did not edit or anything. I did edit my work before turning it in but as an author I would always advise having someone else edit it. Because we wrote it, we tend to overlook things. With this publisher, it was all up to me to figure out what to do next. I joined several forums for advice and this is how I learned how many people were actually unhappy with this particular publisher. Even though I did some signings and my book was selling well, I started to doubt myself because the company seemed to take every manuscript submitted to them. I took some time off after that novel and did a lot of research before submitting  

Now I am with a great publisher. They communicate with their authors throughout the process and help to market and promote our books, something a publisher should do.  

What advice would you give a person who is looking to become a published author?  

Do some research first. There are lots of places to get advice online. Do not be afraid of rejection, learn from it. Also, if you do submit your manuscript, make sure you follow the publishing guidelines normally located on their website.  

Any advice when it comes to marketing yourself and books?  

Do not be afraid to tell people you wrote a book. Take pride in your work. Use all the networking sites possible and keep nice flyers of your books on hand to pass out.  

Thanks Omegia! Right quick, what are five facts about yourself that you would like the world to know?  

Proudly serving in the military for 12 years  

Mother of three wonderful boys  

I still play video games  

I believing in following your dreams no matter what  

I have a silly sense of humor  

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