OOSA Book Club gives Diamonds Are Forever 5 STARS!

So today, randomly, I decided to check amazon.com just to see if there were any new reviews that had posted for any of my books. Lo and behold, I spotted a new one from OOSA Book Club for Diamonds are Forever. Check out what the reviewer had to say:

“Diamonds are Forever” tells the story about several characters from book one,
“Diamonds in the Rough.” I did not read book one but I was still able to follow
some of the events of what happened.

Carmen went to prison for stealing a
diamond. She gets her sentence reduced and she is able to go come home to a
multi-million dollar enterprise and more drama than she knows what to do

Kane, Carmen’s husband, works as an undercover agent who gets his
wife’s sentence reduced because he was responsible for her being in prison in
the first place. Kane was trying to take down Carmen’s long time love, Jay
Santiago, and she got caught up in the rival.

Jay is the king of the
streets. He is trying to rebuild his empire but doesn’t realize that what he has
been longing for is in his path.

Vogue’s “Diamonds are Forever” was very
enticing. It will draw the reader in and keep their attention from the very
beginning. I think it was very well written with plenty of drama and lots of
twists and turns. I would recommend this book to anyone as this author did a
great job at telling this story.

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