Behind the Book (The Ace of Diamonds): Part III: Set It Off and Chapter Twenty-One

btbaceofdiam copyPart III- Set It Off- The title of this section is named Set It Off to let readers know that the drama is about to turn up a notch. There will be a little more violence and bloodshed.

Chapter Twenty-One
1. She looked in the direction in which she was pointing, and automatically clutched at her heart as she saw King emerge from the car. He was clad in a tan seersucker suit and looked more like a young businessman than a twenty year-old male who had been released from the county jail. – In this scene, King originally gets out the car and proposes to Coco. I changed my mind before I sent the book to the editor for him not to propose at this specific time. I felt it was cliche to propose at a graduation. To me, proposing on holidays, birthdays and graduations are so expected nowadays.
2. He knew Jay had come close when he saw the slash that had been made in his dress shirt. – If I’m remembering correctly, this idea came from a scene in the Princess Bride, lol. I want to say it is when Westley is dressed as the man in black and is fighting Inigo. I think one of ‘em got their shirt slashed.
3. Blu stepped into the doorway as a .22 was pointed in his direction. “Like father, like son, eh?” – I chose this gun on purpose as a reference to my sorority, which was founded in 1922. The “Like Father, like son,” line is also a subliminal reference to The Game’s song, “Like Father, Like Son.” Game is one of my favorite rappers, right behind DMX.

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