7 Day Challenge (Day Two): Monday, June 1, 2015

On My Soapbox

So one of the things that is making me nervous during this challenge is the lack of calories I’m eating. While I’m eating 3 meals a day including a snack or two, my calories weren’t hitting 1200 with the things I planned to eat. I read an article on livestrong.com regarding the dangers of eating too few calories and this is one of the side effects along with malnutrition. Also, when you don’t give your body enough food, it sometimes hangs on to every calorie because it feels like it needs it. Eating too few calories can also cause the following according to the article on LiveStrong:

  • sluggish metabolism
  • slower fat burning process
  • dizziness
  • headaches
  • irritability (I’ve already feeling this due to the lack of bread, lol)

Food, Food, Food


1 packet of Kiggins Oatmeal- Original Flavor with 1 tbsp of Blue Bonnet Light Margarine

1 banana

2 Banquet Turkey Patties (I ate this with breakfast although I bought it to go with my grits so I could eat more calories)

Calories: 350


4 oz of boneless skinless chicken breast

1/2 cup of collard greens

1/2 cup of Great Northern Beans

Calories: 210


4 oz of Baked Pink Salmon Skin-On

1/2 cup of whole kernel corn

1/2 cup of green beans

Calories: 190


1 orange

1 bag of Fritos Corn Chips (I only ate this because it was at my desk so I could increase my calorie count)

6 oz cup of Lowfat Banana Creme Pie Yogurt with 1/2 cup of Post Ohs cereal

Calories: 357

Total Calories: 1107


2 laps around the Lake Pointe Business Park, completed in 34 minutes (this is about two miles), 100 jumping jacks


Completed – 1 gallon!

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