Behind the Book (The Ace of Diamonds): Chapter Twenty-Three

btbaceofdiam copy1. “It has Jay’s stamp on it. Isn’t that the best news to come back to?” – The stamp idea in regards to Jay’s drugs came from the movie American Gangster. In the movie, Frank Lucas, Denzel Washington’s character stamped his bags of heroin with the word Blue Magic.
2. I paid thirty dollars to some crackhead for that information. – This line was inspired from a scene in The Wire in which one of the Baltimore detectives paid an addict money to get information. Of course, the detective knew the addict would use the money for drugs.
3. “You’re Carmen, right? Carmen Davenport,” he questioned. “You got quite a company here. You’re pulling in some major cake. My name is Shawn,” he said, extending his hand, “Shawn Blumington. It’s a pleasure to meet you.” – Once again, I wanted to show how close Blu could get. This time, he shows up at Flame and even makes it to Carmen’s floor.
4. He opened it and pulled out a pink Cobra pistol. – I saw the rapper Diamond in a picture holding a pink pistol and I figured if Carmen was going to get a gun, it might as well be pink, too.

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