Behind the Book (The Ace of Diamonds): Chapter Twenty-Two

btbaceofdiam copy1. Clad in a strapless black mini-dress, she made him forget all about Blu or King’s question. The dress fitted her to the T, but it was a number that Jay wished was for his eyes only. – Anytime Carmen has to wear something slightly skimpy, I always tend to browse Frederick’s of Hollywood for ideas. That is the place to go for skimpiness!
2. The dress was made entirely of black lace and had a bustier top. – Once again, here’s another description of the dress.
3. She turned around only to find Blu standing behind her. – I intentionally put Blu in this scene to show how easily he could get close to the Kane/ Santiago family. Despite being threatened by Jay, Blu still makes an appearance at Sapphire. Since he does, I wanted readers to see that Blu isn’t scared of Jay.
4. For the first time in his life, King was starting to realize that he wasn’t a killer. – Jay’s father, Hector Santiago, was a killer as was Jay so one would think that King would follow in their footsteps. In this book, it appears that King will not.
5. He also gave me a little something to help with the bills. You know I had a baby last year. – This line is spoken by Ms. Rosetta who is Rico’s mother. She says this to King when he comes to her house looking for Rico. While this will be something that most readers will probably not remember, the baby she is speaking of will become a main character in Book Eight of the series.

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