Sneak Peek at VH1’s “She Got Game”

So, I first saw a clip of Game’s new show on IG and of course, IG went crazy because all of the bachelorettes in Game’s new show are light-skinned. Most people who know me, know I am a big fan of Game. As a big fan, I’ve read a few articles and interviews where its been stated that he prefers light-skin women over dark-skinned women. This has never changed my view of him because every one has their preference. I know women who prefer dark-skinned men over light-skinned and vice versa. People want what they want and regardless of what we think, they will continue to want what they want in a mate. Besides, the women who really have a problem with it aren’t going to be dating him anyway, lol.

Bad Girls Club Alumni Jenn + Blu release Reality Show Pilot, “Jonice & Jenn”

I started watching Bad Girls Club after hearing so much about Natalie Nunn. I started watching at Season 11 and have been watching ever since. Jenn and Blu (Jonice) were both two of my favorites from the show so I’m interested to see their lives will play out on their own reality show.