Updated Book List…

So, I decided to make a list of books that I want…as I get them, I will cross them off the list. I might even add some…we’ll see. I’m also planning on starting a new page for book reviews. I’m not a professional book reviewer, but an avid reader. If I LOVE a book, I’m definitely going to tell the world about it.

Love Heist by Jackie D.- PURCHASED!!!!!!!!

A Moth To A Flame by Ashley Antoinette

A Diamond in the Rough by Jacqueline McDuffie

The Dirty Divorce by Miss KP

Winter’s Kisses by Pauline Evans

Onyx and Eggshell by Wyatt Bryson- we’re fellow Winthrop alumni!!!!!! Can’t wait to read this one!

The Dopeman’s Wife by Jaquavis Coleman

After the Party by Harvis Mathis

Prince’s Donor by Sindee Lynn

When A Tattered Past Catches You by Tasha Wright

Black Diamond 2: Nicety by Brittani Williams

Livin’ Ain’t Easy by Peron Long

Memoirs of a Creole Crime Cartel by Red Snapper- EXCHANGED COPY OF DITR FOR THIS BOOK- YIPPEEE!

Get N’ Serious by Rory Sheriff

Get N’ Serious 2: My Addiction by Rory Sheriff

Perfectly Addicted by Chermean Taylor Gregory

Angelique interviews April L. Blanding, June Author of the Month (via Angelique, The Novelist’s Blog)

Sprinkling some more diamonds on you….

Angelique interviews April L. Blanding, June Author of the Month Read here to receive a brief introduction of my June Author of the Month, April L. Blanding. April took the time to indulge me in my quest to dig deeper into her literary talents. Take a look at our one-on-one interview. April, many writers these days choose to use a pen name for their writing. How did you select your pen name, Vogue? When I think of the word vogue, my mind automatically connects it with the phrase, “strike a pose.” Although the … Read More

via Angelique, The Novelist's Blog