Dondria upcoming APPEARANCES!~


Check out these upcoming tour dates appearances for So So Def artist, Dondria. this info is straight from 

Apr 24 – WPRW Augusta 

May 1 – Int’l Black broadcasters Assoc Rob Neal WJZD – Dallas 

May 7-9 – Danny Clark Foundation Gala in Chicago, IL 

May 15 – Birmingham AL – 95.7JAMZ, 98.7KISS & 107.7 

May 17 – Live – ATL 

May 22 – WFXA May Fest Augusta 

June 13 – WPHI/Philadelphia 

June 19 – Wedding performance, Dallas 

June 25 – DC Star Club /Washington, DC interviews Anthony Anderson

This interview is straight from

Honey Magazine: In the movie, The Backup Plan, explain your character and how it was working with Jennifer Lopez?
Unfortunately, for me, Jennifer Lopez and I did not get to share any screen time together. It’s a romantic comedy about a woman who feels her biological clock is ticking but she doesn’t have a mate to have a baby with. In so, she meets Alex O’ Loughlin, who is her co-star in the film, and they hit it off after she has already been artificially inseminated and pregnant. Now they are a couple and she has to tell him that she is pregnant…He’s faced with the dilemma of being with somebody he is just now getting to know but whom he digs. He also faces the dilemma of being the father of her child yet not being the father of her child. So he wanders into Central Park, sees my character and strikes up a conversation. I basically become his confidante and sort of a guru if you might, in terms of fatherhood because I have three kids of my own. My character is basically the voice of reasoning for him. Whenever he is faced with a dilemma or a problem he comes to me in the park and we talk about it and I give him insight.

How was it playing this role, being a father yourself?
Yea, it wasn’t a stretch at all. It was fun, giving advice as to what to expect as a father. The good, the bad and the ugly. There is a roller coaster of emotions that not only Jennifer Lopez’s character will be going through because of the birth of the child, but that he’ll go through as the man and the father of the child.

Is it true that you married your college sweetheart?
Yes. We met in college at Howard University. We’ve been married for ten years and we’ve been together for twenty. I went to her apartment to invite her roommate to a party I was having. Her roommate wasn’t home, and she answered the door. I said, “You don’t live here.” And she said, “Neither do you and what to do want?” So, I was like, “Wow. I’m coming to invite Stacy over for a party tonight and you’re more than welcome to come.” Stacy never showed up and she did and we’ve been together ever since.

You are Detective Kevin Barnard on Law & Order. How is it working on the show?
We just finished taping season twenty last Thursday evening which tied Law & Order to Gun Smoke as the longest running one hour show in television show history. All signs point to us coming back for another season, for next year, which will break the record. So, I’m excited about being apart of Law & Order because one its an institution, it’s a great show. And two, it’s making history and I’m excited about it.

Law and Order is a different role than Honey Girls are used to seeing you in. How long have you been with the show?
It’s been two and a half seasons now. When I come back it will be three years since I’ve been with the show.

How is it going from comedy to a serious role? Any conflicts at first and do you try to put comedy into your role?
There were no conflicts; comedy is something that comes easily for me. The hard part was getting the opportunity to play a character such as Kevin Bernard because most people know me from the comedies I have been apart of. Most people didn’t know me as a serious actor ’till Hustle and Flow and The Departed and then the television show, The Shield. That made it easier for the role of Kevin Bernard on Law & Order to come my way. Comedy is in my bones. Naturally I can find the humor in something, but with Law & Order they give me the one zip-liners they used to give Jerry Orbach when he was alive during the show. Now I get to give the one line buttons at the end of the scene and a lot of them are comical. It’s a lot of cynicism but I get to deliver it and I have fun doing that…

Before your role on Law & Order, were you ever typecast?
No. I felt myself going down that direction and I could have easily made a career as the comic relief or the funny guy in these films because that’s what my career had been up to that point. But I knew the bigger picture and there has always been the bigger picture for me and comedy has always been just the tip of the iceberg. I’ve been trained for this [acting] for thirty years and I was willing to sit back and sit out for a little way until a role like The Shield, The Departed, Law & Order or K-Ville or Hustle and Flow came along. I was willing to sit back and wait because Hollywood can be very fickle at times if you do one thing well that’s all they will see you as and I didn’t want to be pigeon-holed or typecast into that. I wanted to show them that I have range like a Rover, like this is what I do. There is so much more to me then just the fat funny guy and that’s what I was able to show before I was typecast into that.

Favorite acting role to date?
Antwon Mitchell on The Shield because they saw me in a light that they had never seen me in before. People were actually afraid of that character. That was actually a grave departure from what they were used to seeing me in; the funny, affable, loveable guy. Antwon Mitchell was a stone cold killer. He was a heartless, in your face killer, with no remorse and I enjoyed playing that. I enjoyed making people feel uneasy because after that role was I was seen as an actor. Even though I had done great work up until that, and I had worked with great people in the industry, when I portrayed Antwon Mitchell on The Shield that changed everyone’s opinions. Everyone said, “Whoa, this motherf***er is for real.” So I loved that two-year run I had on The Shield.

How is the Mixtape Comedy Show Tour?
The mix-tape isn’t on the run yet but I’m on the road right now doing a variation of the show. Royale Watkins and myself, we stream live every third Sunday on Facebook and on U-Stream. The first time we streamed we had 29,000 viewers and 1,000 live views, 29,000 viewers watched the show in its entirety. Last month, we had 5,000 viewers live on Facebook and 40, 000 people watched it in its entirety. So, it’s a great show that we do at Gotham’s comedy club in Midtown Manhattan, every third Sunday of the month. Tony Rock has come down, Alex Thomas, Tracey Morgan, Donnell Rawlings, Kym Whitley, Mark Viera, we’ve had a great run of comics come through every month. We have no promotion and it’s a sold out house every month and we mix it up with a freestyle battle. We close the show with an old school artist and we’ve had Dana Dane, Full Force, Kangol Kid, Pepa, Audio Chu, Mr. Cheeks, all these people came through just on the love and the strength of what we do and they bless us every month.

What’s your favorite city for comedy tours?
It’s a toss-up. Miami, Chicago, Atlanta and Houston.

Is it because the audiences there are amazing or you just love those cities?
It’s a combination of both.

What are your upcoming projects?
I’m working on a film with Jack Black called The Big Ear and it comes out this summer and possibly with Patrick Dempsey on a film called The Playback.

Why Successful Black Women Can’t Find A Man…

One of the first things that people say to answer this question is that successful Black women’s standards are too high. First off, I consider myself a successful Black woman. No, I’m not rolling over in dough, but I am faithfully working towards goals and dreams. Am I asking for too much because I want a man who has a CAR, JOB, NOT MARRIED *AMEN 2 this!*, and not have a truck load of kids with six billion different baby mamas? I can handle 1 or 2. BTW, what are we considering as SUCCESSFUL Black women? Are we talking about Black women in corporate America or are we talking about Black women who are going for theirs? What do you consider as a successful Black woman?


Role Model or Not?: Pepa discusses Nicki Minaj

So I was browsing when I saw this post about an interview that Sandra “Pepa” Denton did with VIBE. I decided to check it out. Before I go into my views, here’s a copy of the article straight from 

Just about every hip-hop head, old and recent, has an opinion on a certain heavy-banged, animated female rapper. Next to share their thoughts on the ever-present Nicki Minaj? One half of the best-selling female rap act, Sandra “Pepa” Denton.  

Pepa, who debuted her first Salt-n-Pepa album Hot, Cool & Vicious in 1985, shared with VIBE her feelings on the new, 25-year-old, pink-adoring rapper. “She reminds me of [Lil’ Kim]. Bold and you know… she’s young. And a lot of people are like ‘Oh what do you feel about her because of the message?’, but to me she hasn’t learned the message yet,” she says. 

“[Salt-n-Pepa are] old in the game, we started out a little raw, so after a little while I’ve learned and changed because my audience changed. Kids started coming to my concert and I realized that I had sense of responsibility. I was cursing in my shows, and then I started seeing little kids and was like, ‘Oh what are they doing here?’ And after a while I had to stop, I didn’t feel right.” 

Minaj expressed to BET recently during a 2010 Spring Bling special that though her shows are unconventional, uncensored, and filled with signatured boobs, she’s attempting to find a balance between the older audience she targets and her over-loyal younger fans.


Pepa says finding that audience balance is especially tough with a male-dominated team, like Nicki’s Young Money crew. 

“Not everyone’s role model material, but we do have a sense of responsibility because kids listen more to us than they would their parents. But [Nicki’s] young, so how’s she gonna enlighten?’ She’s new, she’s excited and what happens when you have a male camp backing you? Yeah, you might be singing those kinds of lyrics,” she says with a laugh. “That’s what happens when you have a male camp dictating how you should be.”   

Pep hinted at starring in a new reality show in search of the new Salt-n-Pepa, to which she wouldn’t mind if Minaj played her younger self. 

“I’m not mad at Nicki. I think she’s talented. I love her style. She has a lot of attitude, she has a lot of things she wants to express so I wouldn’t be mad at that. I was there at that age, so I don’t expect her to be like ‘Oh let me start being this way.’ This is what she’s feelin’.” 

Salt-n-Pepa are currently in the studio working on new material. —Tracy Garraud 

Okay, so I understand where Nicki is coming from with her dilemma. You see these kids in the audience, but then again you see the 30 year old right next to them rapping every lyric as well. At the end of the day, you can’t please everybody. For the 12 year olds, it is up to the parents to be educated on the artist and the content of the music before they let their child (and YES i said CHILD) go to a Nicki Minaj concert. If the parents are cool with their child being in that type of environment then so be it. Should Nicki censor herself? Well, she can and even if she does, I don’t think its going to take away from her show. I  mean, come on, the video is censored, RIGHT? Also, as far as her signing boobs, if you are a Nicki Minaj fan then you should know that she signs boobs. I am ride or die Nicki Minaj, but best believe that I will probably not ask her to sign my boobs, LOL. I think parents should know that this goes on before they let their CHILD go to the show and if its that big of an issue then the PARENT should go with them. 

BTW, at what point in Pepa’s career did she start censoring herself? I clearly remember her on that VH1 show doing a lap dance on a man during a rehearsal AND putting a nude portrait of herself up in a window at Salt’s house. Correct me if I’m wrong, PLEASE.

Access Hollywood interviews Lauren London

the transcript of the video is straight from

On Motherhood:
It has definitely calmed me down, I had a bad temper in the past and I don’t as much anymore. My son definitely puts stuff into perspective. A lot of things that I thought were really important aren’t. I don’t look at the surface as much anymore. A lot of things I was doing before was really selfish and now it’s not about me, it’s about him. Being a mother (to me) comes very natural. I think God definitely blessed me.

On Lil Wayne:
He is a great dad, he is a great father. No complaints.

On twitter, the internet & blogs:
I don’t feel the pressure to tweet and share my business because I feel like my personal life is my peronal life. I do know in this day and age that I can be at a club and someone can take a picture and it’ll be out the next day that I’m dating so and so. They talked about me so bad during my pregnancy, at this point what else can they say?

On the negative comments concerning her pregnancy:
I’m not going to lie, it hurt. Because when a woman is pregnant (to me) is when she is her most beautiful and as pure as she can be and there was a lot of people that said something negative about what I was doing. And at some point it did hurt my feelings and I had to let it go, because it was not going to distract me from what God had me doing. Point blank period, I love my baby.

celeb of the day…RIP Guru ~|~


i always say, give people their flowers when you can. if rapper Guru hadn’t of passed, i am not quite sure if he would have made it as celeb of the day on the MT. of course, I am well aware of his contributions to hip-hop with Gangstarr (the group he was in with DJ Premier), but I will be honest and say that I never listened to one of their records neither can I name one. however, i do know that Guru made a large impact on hip-hop, which is why I chose him as today’s celeb of the day. 

also, here is Guru’s final letter to the fans that was submitted to the public through a press agency. this copy of the letter is from 

I, Guru, am writing this letter to my fans, friends and loved ones around the world. I have had a long battle with cancer and have succumbed to the disease. I have suffered with this illness for over a year. I have exhausted all medical options.

 I have a non-profit organization called Each One Counts dedicated to carrying on my charitable work on behalf of abused and disadvantaged children from around the world and also to educate and research a cure for this terrible disease that took my life. I write this with tears in my eyes, not of sorrow but of joy for what a wonderful life I have enjoyed and how many great people I have had the pleasure of meeting.

My loyal best friend, partner and brother, Solar, has been at my side through it all and has been made my health proxy by myself on all matters relating to myself. He has been with me by my side on my many hospital stays, operations, doctors visits and stayed with me at my home and cared for me when I could not care for myself. Solar and his family is my family and I love them dearly and I expect my family, friends, and fans to respect that, regardless to anybody’s feelings on the matter. It is my wish that counts. This being said I am survived by the love of my life, my sun KC, who I trust will be looked after by Solar and his family as their own. Any awards or tributes should be accepted, organized approved by Solar on behalf myself and my son until he is of age to except on his own.

I do not wish my ex-DJ to have anything to do with my name likeness, events tributes etc. connected in anyway to my situation including any use of my name or circumstance for any reason and I have instructed my lawyers to enforce this. I had nothing to do with him in life for over 7 years and want nothing to do with him in death. Solar has my life story and is well informed on my family situation, as well as the real reason for separating from my ex-DJ. As the sole founder of GangStarr, I am very proud of what GangStarr has meant to the music world and fans. I equally am proud of my Jazzmatazz series and as the father of Hip-Hop/Jazz. I am most proud of my leadership and pioneering efforts on Jazzmatazz 4 for reinvigorating the Hip-Hop/Jazz genre in a time when music quality has reached an all time low. Solar and I have toured in places that I have never been before with GangStarr or Jazzmatatazz and we gained a reputation for being the best on the planet at Hip-Hop/Jazz, as well as the biggest and most influential Hip-Hop/Jazz record with Jazzmatazz 4 of the decade to now. The work I have done with Solar represents a legacy far beyond its time. And we as a team were not afraid to push the envelope. To me this is what true artists do! As men of honor we stood tall in the face of small mindedness, greed, and ignorance. As we fought for music and integrity at the cost of not earning millions and for this I will always be happy and proud, and would like to thank the million fans who have seen us perform over the years from all over the world. The work I have done with Solar represents a legacy far beyond its time and is my most creative and experimental to date. I hope that our music will receive the attention it deserves as it is some of the best work I have done and represents some of the best years of my life.

just so you know…

  • so since i can’t embed videos or don’t know how to yet besides using the YouTube feature, here i am once again posting videos here that i feel ya’ll need to see…videos on Lil’ Wayne “I’m Single,”…Nicki Minaj “I Am Nicki Minaj” from BET Spring Bling 2010…
  • Kevin Jonas will be participating in the NBC Game Show Minute to Win It on May 23
  • word on is that the Kardashian sisters are writing a book on relationships
  • Congrats to Carrie Underwood who took home the trophy at the ACM Awards for Entertainer of the Year
  • check out this goodie goodies:


  • music/videos on Drake featuring Lil’ Wayne “Miss Me” (audio)
  • Spelman has received $1 million stacks from ExxonMobil to go towards the university’s technology-related degree programs. Yippee!
  • Daryl Gates, the chief of police for the LAPD has passed of bladder cancer. he is most known for his involvement in the Rodney King case.
  • Danny Glover was arrested for trespassing after taking part in a protest against food company Sodexo.
  • music/videos on Usher featuring Robin Thicke “Secret Garden” (audio)…Trey Songz “Till The Day I Die (audio)…
  • music/videos on Young Jeezy “Trap or Die: The Movie” (video)-this is just a trailer for Jeezy’s upcoming mixtape…
  • check out Plies’ new video from his upcoming album, Goon Affiliated, which will be released on May 25th:


  • check out Tiny on the front cover of S2S Magazine:


  • Rasheeda is working on a Boss Chick Remix CD which will include a female version of Bedrock. Diamond, Toya Carter, Rasheeda (of course), Lola Monroe (Angel Lola Luv) and Kandi all came out for the video shoot. check out a pic:


  • music/videos on Kelis “22nd Century” and “4th of July” (all audio)…check out Kiley Dean’s “Say Something” remix video below:

DETAILS mag interviews Nicki Minaj…


this is straight from 

Q: What can women get away with in hip-hop that men can’t?
A: I have a lot of freedom to be crazy. I can rap in a London accent, make weird faces, wear spandex, wigs, and black lipstick. I can be more creative than the average male rapper. And I can show my boobs. Guys can’t do that. 

Q: You sign your fans’ breasts at shows. Do their boyfriends get jealous?
A: If anything, boys are telling me to sign their girls’ boobs. I’ve gone through 15 markers in a single night—because the girls are usually sweating, and a marker will stop writing if the girls are wet. 

Q: As an openly bisexual rapper, do you think hip-hop is getting more gay-friendly?
A: I think the world is getting more gay-friendly, so hip-hop is too. But it’s harder to imagine an openly gay male rapper being embraced. People view gay men as having no street credibility. But I think we’ll see one in my lifetime. 

Q: Having studied theater in high school, what would you say is the difference between rapping and acting?
A: With me, there really isn’t one. I look at rap as an opportunity to act. My head is full of different characters—in each song I’m auditioning a character. 

Q: On Twitter you follow a bunch of Nicki Minaj fan groups. Ever get tired of reading so many tweets about yourself?
A: Hell no! It says a lot that someone took the time to dedicate a page to me. And it’s useful. Anything I do, they post a link to it right away. I don’t need to Google myself. 

Q: Have you seen the YouTube video where Michelle Trachtenberg raps one of your verses?
A: She’s the cutest thing. I just wanted to reach into the computer and kiss her. I might have to get her on a track. 

Q: Your father set fire to your home when you were a kid in Queens, New York. What happened?
A: He drank a lot and did drugs, and he would get violent when he did. When he set fire to the house, he was attempting to kill my mother. She got out before it burned all the way down. I’ve always had this female-empowerment thing in the back of my mind—because I wanted my mother to be stronger, and she couldn’t be. I thought, “If I’m successful, I can change her life.” 

Q: As younger and younger fans come to your shows, do you feel pressure to tone down the racier elements of your persona?
A: I do. I’m a role model now. I didn’t know I was gonna have 13-year-old fans, so I’ve tried to change a few things here and there. But I also know that the girls don’t want me to be Miley Cyrus, either. 

Q: Are you going to send your mentor Lil Wayne a gift while he’s in prison?
We were at a Jay-Z concert right before he went away, and he said, Yo, Nick, how come you never bring any bad bitches around with you? I said, My fault. I’ve got you next time! So I’ll send him a poster of a bad bitch to put up in his cell. 

Q: Is it true that you’re a big Enya fan?
A: Who doesn’t love Enya? Whenever I’m in a trying time, she is the calm in the middle of the storm. If I put her on, I’ll be in this crazy peaceful state. I love her style. And her harmonies are freaking genius. 

Q: You’ve rapped on songs for Usher, Mariah Carey, and Robin Thicke. How much do you charge for a cameo?
I get a handsome amount. I could definitely buy a car off one of my guest appearances. And I’m not talking about a Hyundai. 

Check out how a bad hair day affects women….

so while i was browsing, i saw a post about a poll that SpopSmart magazine did (its a part of Consumer reports) in regards to women and bad hair days…check out their finds (this is straight from 

  •  26% said they have cried after a bad haircut.
  • One -third of the women said they have…regretted a hair style.
  • Among their biggest gripes, the women polled complained of their hair being too thin or fine, too much color, too curly or frizzy and too dry and damaged.
  • 19% of those polled said they love their hair

FYI: Chrisette Michele doesn’t have any connection with this article, but I posted her picture only because she recently has been the focus of many blogs for cutting off her hair.

Upcoming Events in the Queen City

Lupe Fiasco and BOB will be at the Halton Arena at UNC Charlotte on Friday, April 23rd. Tickets are $40 for the general public and $25 for students with a UNC Charlotte ID.

so i am pissed as all get out that i just learned this weekend that Trey Songz, Monica and Melanie Fiona were coming to CLT. i guess, i’m late because i don’t listen to the radio (i usually pop in a mix CD)…well, here we go with the info.

Say Ahh Tour: Trey Songz, Monica and Melanie Fiona with host, BET comedian, TJ Hearns

Sunday, April 25th @ 7:30pm @ the Bojangles Coliseum

MTO POST: Reggie Bush + Kim + kanYe

okay, okay, i’m not saying that i believe this post or whatever, but i figured that it would be something that i would put up just to say that i shared it. according to the post by MTO (, Reggie Bush learned that Kim Kardashian had cheated on him and slept with kanYe and tried to jump on him about it. i know, i know, makes me raise an eyebrow, too. apparently, kanYe’s security kept that from happening, but Reggie is still looking to get revenge. MTO claims they got the dirt from one of Kim’s CLOSEST friends.

New Bar: A reflection of your rectum…

so i was on when i saw this post about a new bar in Vienna, Austria. according to

A new bar in Vienna, Austria is designed to look like a digestion track going from tongue to anus…just where you’ve always wanted to go.

if you ask me, the whole concept of this is totally disgusting. do i really want to be thinking of this if I’m at a bar? as far as marketing goes, it definitely will get some attention. interviews Janelle Monae

this interview is straight from 

Honey Magazine: What was the inspiration for the “Tightrope” video?
Janelle Monáe: The song is about balance. I’m an artist and I think it’s important that we don’t think too high or too low about anything, whether it’s praise or critical advice. Everyone thinks they’re a critic. I wanted to empower individuals but in a fun and funky way. Not a preachy type of way. We had a lot of fun shooting the video. It takes place at the Palace of the Doges. I’ve heard great things about this place, Jimi Hendrix [and] Charlie Parker [performed] there. I got the opportunity to go there and really study the vibe. This was a time when dancing was forbidden, so I re-enacted a particular rebellious scene that happened. You will get more narratives of my experience at the Palace of Doges as we continue to finish the visuals. It’s an introduction to what it was like staying at this historical building. 

The feel of the video portrayed the vibe at your listening experience in NYC. Did you conceptualize the event?
I have a wonderful team at my record label, which I co-founded, The Wonderland Arts Society. They’re very smart thinkers, forward thinkers, survivals, artists — from visual art to performance art. We try to help preserve that and come with new content and ideas. We look to the past for inspirations but really focus on the future, using our super powers for good. We all sit at round tables and discuss ways to reintroduce music to the world, transforming music and experiences. We like to think of what we do not just as one event. We want people to experience and be moved, so they can remember that experience for the rest of their lives. We think of the album as an emotional adventure for the mind, just coining new terminology and allowing the listener to be taken on a journey. As artists, it’s our responsibility to take people on a journey. We have the opportunity to see things that the everyday person cannot see. We see beauty and we see art in so many things and we have the opportunity to share in it in a thought provoking and clever way and hopefully they can be more inspired. 

Where did the inspiration for the cloaked guys and mirrored faces come from? Was it the Yeasayer video?
No, I did see that video but I’ve had that idea for a long time. I thought it represented a significant idea. Sometimes when we see ourselves, we are scared of ourselves and we run away and hide. Some people are afraid of the mirror cause they are afraid of themselves, but I’m not. 

I can’t help but compare this time for you to the moment when OutKast crossed over. The world was ready for something different and it feels like we’re experiencing that with you. Do you feel that way at all?
I know I’ve grown. I was at a boarding house with five girls in Atlanta, GA. I was playing in dorm lounges. I wouldn’t get paid for anything, I just wanted my music out there. I was pressing my own CDs independently. I know I started off as a little seed and I am growing as a flower. I’m just getting started and I feel like I was preparing myself. It’s like taking a hiking trip up a mountain. You condition yourself. You eat properly. You go shopping for food and essentials that you need. You get yourself together spiritually; you get your endurance together. That’s what I felt like I was doing all these years. I needed that time to grow; I needed that time to understand myself and appreciate myself and to be more confident in myself as an artist and a person. And to understand my superpowers more.


Has the sound of your music changed significantly?
I wouldn’t say my music has changed significantly. I’ve always been a music lover of great albums: Stevie Wonder’s Music of Mind, Innervisions, to David Bowie. It’s always been in me to pull from these inspirations and to come up with something unique and to pull from myself. I just needed time to find that, and in terms of actually putting what was in my head and mind, to see that come to fruition is a beautiful moment. It was always in me. I just had to test the water, be safe, don’t jump in, put your feet in and see how cold the water is. Now it’s time to do back flips and handstands. 

Describe the sound of the new album?
I like to think of my music as very trans-formative. If you listen to the album from the beginning to the end, you will be transformed. It’s an album that’s deals with self-realization as well. You start to realize things about yourself you didn’t know. One big emotional picture for the mind. 

Take us through one of your typical days.
It’s hard to imagine myself not working on any art. I do enjoy Tim Burton, so I do enjoy him and I like watching his movies. Edward Scissor-hands is one of my favorite movies. I draw inspirations from Nightmare Before Christmas. I am a visual artist as well, so I enjoy painting and I enjoy getting in touch with my spiritual side a lot. And I like riding horses, I haven’t gone in a long time but I do enjoy that. I love laughing, I enjoy eating candy, I love reading, from George Orwell’s 1984 to listening to a Brave New World by Aldous Huxley on audio book. I enjoy feeding myself knowledge when I’m not recording, I enjoy learning and expanding my mind a little more and doing things that are therapeutic for me. I love my family; I love talking to my mom, my sister and my nephew. 

What does your closet look like? Is the tux really your daily uniform?
Exactly like that. I bathe in it, I swim in it, and I could be buried in it.  A tux is such a standard uniform, it’s so classy and it’s a lifestyle I enjoy. The tux keeps me balanced. I look at myself as a canvas. I don’t want to cloud myself with too many colors or I’ll go crazy. It’s an experiment I’m doing. I think I want to be in the Guinness Book of World Records. 

What does your creative space look like?
My creative space is the headquarters for The Wonderland Arts Society. We have floating bookshelves, green grass, very beautiful pianos that we write songs on. We have lots of fish mounted on the wall, more importantly we just have really interesting people. It’s a headquarters for artists, who have super powers. We come up and try ideas. We wear black and white and we try to lead by example and try to change the world. It’s a very peaceful environment. Sometimes when we create music it gets very rowdy, it feels like an African tribe. When your artist, you don’t go home, you stay and you create all day and night. 

Do you find time to date?
I do. I think that love is very beautiful and it’s an energy that I love having. I do date and I do have someone that I love. Someone that understands me very well and encourages me to be the best person and artist I can be. I couldn’t ask for a better android. 

Describe how you felt when Diddy approached you?
Big Boi from OutKast called me and said that Diddy was trying to get in touch with me. He said that [Diddy] loved what I was doing online. During that time I was releasing my own material independently, so he flew down to my release party and saw my performance. He said “Whatever it is that you need me to do from a business standpoint to a promotions standpoint, I will do.” He said he loved the art that I was creating and he just wanted more people to know about it. And he was a man of his word. It’s a partnership. I already have a record label, my team. We are self- contained, so that was the one thing that worked with us to be able to creatively remain in control. I don’t have any horror stories; I think he is a wonderful guy, very supportive. He is a believer and I love him for that. He is an Archandroid. 

Were you surprised that Diddy took interest?
There was a part of me that says why wasn’t he? I don’t think he is a stupid guy at all, very smart. 

What are your plans for album, The ArchAndroid?
We are shooting a video for every song on the album, The ArchAndroid. We are creating a very strong narrative. We have a graphic novel coming out at the time of the release. This is a very special project. I’m very excited about the future and I have no idea what is in store. 

Any plans for other artists on the compound?
We have screenwriters, authors, and graphic designers. Deep Cotton, will be out very soon. I’m excited about them. They are a duo. They wear tuxedos, and they have life changing music. I’m excited to see them blossom. You will be exposed to everyone in our collective. 

What new artists are you feeling?
Montreal, Solange, Erykah Badu, Deep Cotton, George 2.0. A lot of Atlanta artists that I want to expose to the world. I like listening to artists who care about the art and aren’t concerned about who is watching them.