“Walk Away” by Olivia *Official Video*

I have to say that I rocked with Olivia since day one. I remember when Bizounce first came on the radio (107.3 JAMZ) in Greenville and my sister told me, “there’s this girl on the radio singing n***a, f***k you.” LOL! When I heard the song for myself, I was like, this is a good song, a little edgy, but good. Then, “Are U Capable?” came out, which I liked as well. I ended up buying Olivia’s first CD that same year, but never heard anything else from her after those 2 singles.

Then, she popped up in 50 Cent’s “Candyshop,” video. I was like, “yes! She’s back!” However, we all know how that ended. Before I knew it, she was gone from G-Unit without 1 album released. *sad face*

Still,  she emerged once again on VH1 in Love & Hip-Hop (LAHH) with a new single, “December,” (one of my favorite songs of all time- real talk). Now, here’s the follow-up, “Walk Away,” which she actally performed in Miami on an episode of LAHH. Check it out: